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The 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Conference will be May 7, 2020 at SOMO Village.

We've deployed a new webite for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at www.SustainableEnterpriseConference.org.


Deborah Hirsh

Business and Community Development

TLCD Architecture

TLCD Architecture provides service through research, design excellence, and social and environmental responsibility.

About TLCD Architecture 

Founded in 1965, TLCD Architecture is a 45-person practice based in Santa Rosa, California. We provide exceptional service through ongoing research, design excellence, and focus on social and environmental responsibility.  Our expertise in planning and programming, architectural and interior design, and furniture planning and selection is built upon a dedication to sustainable best practices.

TLCD Architecture believes that each client and every project has a unique design solution that can  transform and shape their communities.  Our core values of people, place, and craft are present through every facet of our practice, from the initial design and planning conversations to the final construction phase.  With projects ranging from cultural, civic, educational, and medical centers, to hospitality, mixed-use, and commercial projects, we aim to create innovative environments that promote collaboration, exploration, and innovation.

Commitment to Sustainability

A truly sustainable building goes beyond just incorporating a collection of “green” elements. As a member of the US Green Building Council with 17 LEED Accredited professionals, TLCD Architecture is committed to the application of sustainable principles for the benefit of building occupants, the community, and our clients.

Beyond meeting codes and mandatory standards, we investigate the possibilities that can make each project as healthy, and resource and energy efficient as possible. Building and finish materials are carefully considered in an effort to minimize environmental impacts. Recycled content, renewable resources, and air quality are all important aspects of material selection. Sustainable goals for water usage, efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and renewable energy are set for every project and integrated into the design from project onset, with progress reviews at every design phase and major milestone. 

Research-Based Solutions

Each of our projects begins with active investigation and research that addresses the objectives of project stakeholders, the characteristics of the site, community priorities, and other project-specific considerations.   This process includes touring similar facilities, exploring sustainable strategies and materials, and applying collective knowledge to the design of a project. Drawing on the Evidence Based Design Model, we apply a growing body of research to designing facilities that are efficient, healthy for its occupants, and enable high levels of performance. 

Social responsibility

TLCD Architecture acts in the best interest of the community, society, and environment. This philosophy influences every facet of our work and is integral to our design process.

We approach sustainability in the context of our commitment to our community. We recognize that a project reaches beyond the boundaries of the site and influences the community and society by impacting public transport, municipal utilities, waste management and existing roadways.  Our socially responsible approach is culturally sensitive; it advocates the purchase of local materials, supports nearby labor and manufacturing, reduces construction waste and eliminates chemical sources resulting in a strong, positive impact on the community.  This brings indirect benefits such as local goodwill, and also has significant direct value to our clients: socially responsible design can reduce initial costs and improve long-term economic performance.


For more information about TLCD Architecture, visit www.tlcd.com. 


Contact Information
Marina Starkey
Santa Rosa

Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster

Our Mission

To create high value jobs in the North Bay by enabling and accelerating the success of technology startups within a dynamic sustainable and synergistic environment.

  • Stimulate regional economic development through entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
  • Reinvigorate Sonoma County’s technology industry making it a recognized center for Sustainable Resources and Socially-Relevant Technologies.
  • Provide infrastructure, training, management assistance, financial resources, and support networks that enable new and emerging companies to succeed and prosper creating value-added jobs for the local region through the commercialization of technology.
  • Create a hub activity contributing to the development of a thriving live/work community in the eco-conscious Sonoma Mountain Village.


style with artisan handmade quality
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A leader in the Fair Trade fashion industry, Indigenous designs has been working with producers in Peru for 15 years to produce a stunning line of men's and women's apparel, providing an example for best practices in the industry and enriching the path for eco-fashion and sustainability trends today.

Indigenous designs is committed to:
  • Supporting and preserving Fair Trade wages and artisan cooperative
  • Investing in natural and organic fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes
  • Spreading the beauty of handmade, eco fashion

Small Business Development Center at Santa Rosa Junior College

The Small Business Development Center at Santa Rosa Junior College, is a valuable resource for the small business communities in Marin and Sonoma counties. Funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Humboldt State University, and the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges, the center assists small business by providing:


  1. One-on-one, no-cost, professional business counseling in many areas such as business planning, loans and capital acquisition, marketing, taxes and bookkeeping, and other areas of small business operations.
  2. Low-cost workshops and seminars customized to local business issues and industry clusters.
  3. A resource library providing information on small business issues; referrals; and Internet access with links to small business resources.

Specialized programs include The Sawyer Center — one-on-one counseling and informational assistance on new product development and intellectual property including patents, trademarks and copyrights; NxLeveL Training — NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs – a practical, hands-on business development course designed to help entrepreneurs advance their skills in starting growing and managing their business; Online Classes - Six week online classes start on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, choose from career & professional, computers & technology, writing & publishing, and personal development.

Our mission is to provide quality management and technical assistance for existing and potential small businesses, resulting in success for the entrepreneur, sustainable economic growth, and prosperity for our local communities.


Business Environmental Alliance/Green Business Program

The Green Business Program provides businesses with a complete resource use evaluation and certification program to cut costs for water, waste and energy and market their reputation. The BEA promotes the profitability of sound environmental practices by building a partnership program of local businesses and providing a one-stop-shop for information regarding rebates, incentives, financing and practical steps with a proven ROI. www.sonomabea.org and www.sonomagreenbusiness.org

Taylor Maid Farms

Taylor Maid Farms is an independent roaster of specialty organic coffee located in Sonoma County, California. Keeping in tune with the lifestyle of Sonoma County, we offer our coffees only at the peak of season and freshness, and package our products in recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or compostable materials whenever possible.

Liz Yager

Energy and Sustainability Manager

Eris Weaver, Facilitator & Group Process Consultant

Sustainability is about more than building materials and energy use! To create truly sustainable communities we need to include sustainable social systems and collaborative decision-structures.

Eris Weaver is a facilitator, mediator, consultant, trainer, and public speaker known for her clarity, forthrightness, and humor.

Her services include meeting design and facilitation; graphic recording; mediation; training and coaching in communication skills, conflict resolution, and consensus.

A founding member of FrogSong Cohousing in Cotati and former Board President of the Cohousing Association of the US, collaboration is not just how she makes her living, it is her life!

Current and past clients include Cohousing Partners LLC; Affordable Housing Associates; American Medical Student Association; North Bay Industries; Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma; Sonoma County Resource Center for Nonprofits; Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Oak Creek Commons; Ukiah Valley Cohousing; and North Oakland Cohousing. 

She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, the International Forum for Visual Practitioners, and a current participant in the Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future.


WaccoBB.net is a Bulletin Board for the progessive community of the North Bay with over 11,000 registered members. It host many listings each day for events, services offerred, referrals wanted, help wanted and other classified sections as well as thoughtful discussion.

Contact Information
Barry Chertov

Sonoma County GO LOCAL Cooperative

Shift Happens!

The GO LOCAL Cooperative is working to reclaim our local economic power in Sonoma County.

A major part of our mission is to encourage our community to support locally-owned businesses.

Just a small shift in our daily spending toward independent, locally-owned businesses can mean millions of dollars recirculating in our local economy and result in thousands of new local jobs.  

Our motto is "GO LOCAL First"...when you join GO LOCAL, Shift Happens! 

US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions

Washing vehicles, parts, equipment and machinery or using water in a manufacturing process generates water that must be captured and treated prior to reuse and eventually discharge to sewer systems. US HydroTech Environmental Solutions provides answers to businesses, industry or governmental operations in meeting local, state, and federal regulations for discharge of wash or process water.

US HydroTech Environmental Solutions can reduce liability and add value to any establishment that uses water in their operation. US HydroTech Environmental Solutions offers customized evaluation of the appropriate technology for wash water treatment. We also offer equipment installation, maintenance services along with employee training in Best Management Practices (BMPs) designed to reduce water usage, reduce costs and reduce liability.

The combination of experience and expertise allows US HydroTech Environmental Solutions to be a single source Provider of answers to any size business, from those who use a single pressure washer for equipment to a manufacturing plant washing thousands of parts each day.

Ph# (707) 793-4800 Fx# (888) 473-3650


e-mail: info@Ushydrotech.com

Contact Information
(707) 793-4800
Santa Rosa

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals is a professional society that connects sustainability professionals from around the world. ISSP’s mission is to facilitate networking among professionals, share a rich database of peer reviewed tools and provide professional development and training. To learn more about membership in this new professional association go to http://sustainabilityprofessionals.org.


Solar Sonoma County

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To promote installation of solar PV and solar thermal on public facilities, homes, and private properties and to promote energy efficiency countywide through a public/private partnership.

About Us

Solar Sonoma County is a consortium of local governments, businesses and other local entities and individuals working collaboratively to identify and implement initiatives to promote, expand, and accelerate solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy generation and energy efficiency throughout Sonoma County.


Originally established in 2002 as Solar Sebastopol, Solar Sonoma County was founded by Lori Houston and Marty Roberts with a grant from the U.S. Department of energy, in partnership with the City of Santa Rosa. The program has garnered national and international media attention as one of 25 Solar America Cities, and the only countywide program.
In 2015, Solar Sonoma County became a program of the Center for Climate Protection. The Mission of the Center: "To inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate crisis.  We work with business, government, youth, and the broader community to advance practical, science-based solutions for significant greenhouse gas emission reductions"
Solar Sonoma County’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to meet and even exceed countywide targets for climate protection which ultimately will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
SSC is part of an unprecedented countywide solar and environmental effort that has captured the attention of President Obama and the Department of Energy, who often refer to Sonoma County as a national model for cutting-edge clean energy programs. 

Four Principle Program Areas: 

-Clean Energy Workforce: Our programs include developing scholarships, training and mentoring a clean energy workforce facilitating vendor groups, supporting industry standards, and developing quality assurance.
-Clean Energy Advocate (CEA): CEA is designed to assist homeowners in the process of energy efficiency upgrades and solar installations and financing. Free to the public, this service has been created to demystify the process to facilitate the adoption of solar. The CEA program is a collaborative partnership between the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Clean Power and Solar Sonoma County.
-Community Resource: SSC serves as a clearinghouse for who’s who and who’s doing what with clean energy in Sonoma County. We offer a calendar of events, green job postings, aggregated RSS green news feeds, case studies, and recommended and vetted clean energy vendor lists.
-Advocacy: SSC has grown into a powerful local organization with a constituency of elected officials and local government staff, clean energy vendors, and other key stakeholders who allows us to quickly locate support for and to act on policy issues that will affect the future of clean energy in Sonoma County.


-Countywide Solar Implementation Plan: Working to streamline and standardize solar policies for all local governments.
-Public Installations: Assisting local governments with solar PV and thermal power installations at public facilities.
-Promoting efficiency and conservation by bundling with solar initiatives.
-Aggregating public outreach, education, and marketing for solar energy.
-Establishing innovative financing and incentives to make solar more easily adopted.

SOMO Village

The Bay Area’s Largest Solar Powered Event Center

SOMO Village, at last something different! A practical and authentic high quality lifestyle focused on the best of technology and innovation combined with beauty, comfort, food and wellness. A place to enrich and inspire mankind. Internationally recognized as the first One Planet Community in North America and home to a mix of forward-thinking industries with a focus on Food and Innovation. Home to over 50 employers, employing approximately 800 people on-site.

Development plans are approved for a host of shops, offices, apartments, homes and neighborhoods. Convenient and walkable with interconnected streets, public places and a transportation network making a place for all ages, income levels, cultures and races. A place of innovation at home and work. A place respecting our environmental impacts and encouraging economic sustainability. A healthy, happy, high quality lifestyle in the Bay Area’s idyllic Sonoma County – we call it SOMO Living.

Parking and Directions

SOMO Village Event Center
1100 Valley House Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 94928


SOMO Village Event Center Parking

Robert Eyler Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Economics

Straus Family Creamery

Social Media

Straus Family Creamery is a Northern California, certified organic creamery offering milk, cream, yogurt, butter, sour cream, ice cream, and a variety of wholesale and specialty dairy products distributed throughout the Western United States. Based in Marshall, CA, the Creamery makes minimally-processed dairy products from organic milk supplied by family farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties, including the Straus Dairy. Straus Family Creamery sustains collaborative relationships with the family farms that supply it milk, offering stable prices and predictability in what otherwise can be a volatile marketplace.

Sustaining Sponsor :: $5,000

Sustaining Sponsors provide the core year to year sponsorship and support necessary to present a quality program and keep the event accessible to a diverse audience. These organizations are have very high visibility in our marketing materials. 

Sponsorship benefits:

  • The opportunity to introduce a session speaker
  • 10 passes to all conference sessions, activities, lunch and reception
  • Full page announcement in the conference program
  • Your logo projected between presentations
  • Display of sponsor-provided signage inside the Dining Hall
  • Logo and Link on conference web site
  • Exhibit space (if desired) in Exhibit Hall

Leadership Sponsor :: $2,500

This sponsorship is a great a way to show your support for students and educators. With the support of our sponsors we are able to offer scholarships and discounts for students, teachers, adminstrators, and staff from education institutions. Leadership Sponsors recieve full sponsorship benefits and contribute conference passes to underfunded students and educators.

Sponsorship benefits:

  • 8 passes to all conference sessions, activities and lunch for your organization
  • Full page announcement in the conference program
  • Prominent logo placement on conference promotional material
  • Your logo projected between presentations
  • Full page on conference web site
  • Exhibit space (if desired) in Exhibit Hall

Panama Bartholomy

Special Environmental Advisor
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