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Len Greenwood

Green Academy Teacher & Coordinator

Brad Baker

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poultry is the country's first organic free-range chicken company. Petaluma Poultry is fully committed to sustainability: a comprehensive program of sustaining the environment, natural resources, profitability, our workforce and community.

As a pioneer and leader in the organic foods industry, we are dedicated to farming practices that renew natural and human resources. Our goal is to produce the finest poultry products while reducing waste, preserving our environment, supporting our employees' comfort and efficiency, and contributing to our local community.

Sustainable Farming

Dedicated to farming practices that renew natural and human resources, we manage our ranches with great care to preserve the land, air and water.  We grow our chickens in roomy, naturally lit barns, allowing Rocky the Range chicken and Rosie the Organic Chicken access to the outdoors.  Our chicken feed, based on corn and soy, is free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; Rosie’s feed is 100% certified organic.  As part of the company’s extensive recycling program, we send chicken manure to rice farmers who, in turn, provide us hulls to spread over the earthen floors of our poultry houses.

Environmental Health

Representatives from the hatchery, mill, farms and processing plant belong to the company’s Sustainability Team and lead our concerted effort to produce the finest poultry product while reducing waste and minimizing the use of natural resources.  As Willowbrook Mill we voluntarily avoid using electricity during peak hours – noon to six, Monday through Friday.  Our packing boxes are recyclable, sealed with environmentally friendly adhesive.  The hatchery donates cardboard egg flats to a rancher who raises crickets.  In the processing plant we continually modify and improve our technology with the goal of improving employee comfort and efficiency.  Our safety record is one of the best in the industry.
In 2001 we participated in a cutting edge, scientific experiment using ozone as a  sanitizing agent is the processing plant.  Ozone has the remarkable potential of eliminating the use of chlorine in our plant and reducing by 85% the use of water.

Economic Profitability

Petaluma Poultry recognizes the long term inderdependence of profitability, eco-efficiency and social responsibility.  We are an established, successful family business that cares for the working and living conditions of our employees.  Workers receive a complete compensation package including competitive wages, full health/dental/vision  coverage, life insurance and a 401-K program.  Employee turnover is very low; many have worked with us for decades.  By virtue of our pioneering efforts in organic poultry production, Petaluma Poultry is a leader in the organic foods industry.  In this role we are constantly working to improve the laws and regulations that govern organic production.  The company contributes time and resources to groups such as California Alliance with Family Farms, the Organic Trade Association and the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

Social and Economic Equity

At Petaluma Poultry we support farming and business practices that nourish the environment, the community and the individual.  We are active supporters of a variety of local charities, including the performing arts, the Boys & Girls Club and the local food bank.  Above all, we have an abiding respect for the agricultural roots of Sonoma County.  Sustainable, diversified farming is Sonoma County’s future.

The Need for Good Companies

Beyond the Fortune 1000, there is a quiet revolution occurring. Largely unreported, a growing number of small companies many located in the San Francisco Bay Area are reaching out to reduce their impact on the planet. Their efforts address the pressing challenges we face as a society—poverty, inequality, illiteracy, violence, healthcare, and climate change. Companies like Traditional Medicinals, Codding Enterprises, DC Power and Summit State Bank have chosen to work to change the traditional business model. They are integrating the environment into their business strategy. They are looking for eco-efficiencies by cutting out waste and using alternative energy resources in ways that help them to run lean, increase revenues, and reduce pollution.

California Legislation for a Sustainable Future

Assemblymember Jared Huffman will report on current legislation including; AB 42 - State Parks Funding: Provides authority for the Department of Parks & Recreation to enter into operating agreements with nonprofit organizations in order to avoid or minimize state park closures and AB 361 Called "Benefit Corporations," these businesses would operate under a broadened definition of fiduciary duty that allows business leaders, shareholders, and employees to include environmental stewardship and community development as part of their companies' mission - people, planet, and profit.

Ecological Sustainability and Economic Drivers

In discussing the State of Sustainability, Maggie Winslow will focus on the relationship between the state of ecological sustainability and the economic drivers that can propel our global marketplace, and local businesses, either toward or away from sustainable business operations. She will challenge some of the traditional assumptions and models about economics that put us at risk of missing transformative opportunities in our businesses and day to day lives. And she will provide us with an interesting and provocative picture of the future of sustainability and where we can go from here.

Green Energy In the Golden State under a Brown Administration

In his role with the California Energy Commission, Panama Bartholomy works to implement energy efficiency standards and helps the state meet aggressive renewable energy portfolio goals. He'll bring light to Governor Brown's take on California's energy future discussing today's policy drivers, and the programs and innovations driving energy, green building, sustainable communities and climate policy. Expect the latest insights straight from Sacramento with an eye toward local implications.


With the mission of leading a shift toward sustainability in the paper industry, one of the most commodified and resource intensive industries in the world, New Leaf Paper was founded in 1998. The strategy was to educate all stakeholders with a positive vision, and follow it up with environmentally-leading product innovation. As a result, New Leaf Paper has experienced remarkable success. New Leaf’s founder, Jeff Mendelsohn, will share the secrets to the company’s successes and the challenges along the way. These lessons and insights will inform your efforts to create a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world through your work.

North Bay Opportunities in Sustainability

Drill down from the macro economic view to hear specific areas where the North Bay economy offers opportunity for green business growth. Learn which sustainability oriented market segments have potential for growth in the coming years. Hear where Sonoma County is leading the drive to set policy that encourages sustainable development. We'll wrap with actions can you take to support a more Sustainable North Bay.

Localization, Technology and Sustainability: Tales of Success

What can Green Business Best Practices deliver in today's economy? How will a greener economic focus influence Sonoma County? Tales from Sonoma County leaders that have embraced sustainability, localization and renewable energy and enjoyed triple bottom line results. We include the retail success Oliver's Market and how localization influences their business strategy. You'll hear from a Quivira Winery on the impact biodynamic sustainable farming practices have on their wine operations. And you hear from The North Bay Institute of Green Technology a nonprofit that's training tomorrow's workers. This panel wraps with suggestions on how you can put sustainability to work in your enterprise.

Karen Preuss Photography

I photograph people in location situations. I enjoy working with organizations that make a positive contribution.

Karen Preuss specializes in location photography of people worldwide, promoting communication and understanding. She has 25 years of experience mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma County. Whatever the setting—from a construction site to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge to the intimacy of a portrait, Karen is dedicated to capturing the essence of the situation. Her reliability, attention to detail, and her customer service are all of the utmost importance. In addition to lifestyle and location photography she shoots weddings, portraits and special events.

Contact Information
Karen Preuss
707 794-0341

Computer Recycling Center and Computers & Education

Environmental Electronics and Technology REuse programs, training and internships; end-of-life recycling.
Social Media

CRC Computer Recycling Center ( established 1991 as first in the nation, right here in the SF Bay Area,  REuse for all electronics with a battery or a plug.

We provide business pickups of electronics, HDD overwrite data destruction, SB 20/50 end-of-life services for glass screen monitors and TV's, and donations of computers and laptops to foster youth and families, disabled home-bound elders, disabled Veterans and Service personnel families, teachers, and more!

US EPA states: REuse a computer and monitor and eliminate over $670.00 of wasted energy, 147 lbs. water pollution, 333 lbs. CO2, 77 lbs. solid waste, 30 lbs. hazmat, and more!  Find out much more at  The Computers & Education nonprofit is an all-volunteer organization, administered in Santa Rosa, California.

Contact Information
Essaff Nancy
Santa Rosa

Conferencing Advisors, Inc.

Social Media

Conferencing Advisors offers YOU a better return on your videoconferencing investment. When implemented properly, and managed effectively, videoconferencing is a powerful tool, leading to tremendous increases in productivity, improved business practices and a reduction in corporate expenses.

Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their business objectives by delivering the most effective videoconferencing solutions. Our expert advice and personal assistance with design, purchasing, implementation, and utilization, aids our clients in accomplishing their goals using video conferencing to enhance their business, all at the lowest possible investment.

Alison Willets

Brilliant Seeker of Meaningful Paid Opportunities to Contribute

Exchange Bank

One of the most unique banks in the United States

The last will and testament of Exchange Bank’s co–founder and second president, Frank Doyle, stands tall above his many accomplishments. Doyle wanted the Bank to be a locally owned and managed institution. So rather than giving his stock to his heirs, his controlling interest (50.39% of the common stock) was put into a perpetual trust. The dividends are specified for distribution by the Trustees to the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund for assistance to “worthy young men and women attending Santa Rosa Junior College.”

The Doyle Trust has proven to be one of the most remarkable planned gifts in the history of American community college education. More than $76 million to over 115,000 students since 1948.


Sustainability consulting to businesses, colleges, and government for high financial /environmental performance.

Sustainable business is smart business. We believe that building business value and mitigating risk through sustainability is the best way to achieve the strategic goals of your organization. We provide sustainability consulting, intelligence and software tools to businesses, colleges and government entities to reach their economic, social, and environmental goals.

We help our clients with sustainability assessments and plan development, carbon and water foot printing, material and energy efficiency, green product design and production, supply chain architecture and green market research, branding and communications.

Our Partners' unique blend of experience includes; energy management, Lean thinking and practices, green product design, marketing strategy, stakeholder management, commercial real estate, construction management, brown- fields redevelopment, waste management, risk assessment, and financial analysis.

Contact Information
Chris Yalonis

The Ratto Group

local garbage, yard waste and recycling hauler
Social Media

The Ratto Group – A Family of Companies provides solid waste, green waste, and recyclables collection throughout most of Sonoma County as well as the City of Novato, the communities in West Marin, and Mariposa County. We serve approximately 140,000 commercial and residential customers.

We operate two single stream processing facilities in Santa Rosa where we process all recyclables collected in our service areas. We also provide debris box services, cleanup bins, construction and demolition services, job and home clean-ups, and a full service buy-back center and recycling drop-off yard. Check out for more information.

Contact Information
The Ratto Group
Santa Rosa

Stephanie Copp

Student of Environmental Studies, Planning & Economics

Women's Initiative for Self Employment

Microenterprise Training and Job Creation

Women's Initiative helps low-income women start and expand their own businesses by providing training, funding and ongoing support - in Spanish and English. The women who go through our program significantly increase their income and assets while launching businesses, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy. In 2010, our recent graduates created or retained more than 4,300 jobs in the Bay Area. We are helping women lift themselves out of poverty, better provide a safe and stable environment for their families, and create thriving communities.

Contact Information
Nicole Levine

WCL Services, Inc. (Biodegradable Lubricants)

BIOBLEND High Performance BioBased Lubricants-Biodegradable

Northern California and Northern Nevada Biodegradable Lubricant Distributor

Bioblend High Performance Biobased Lubricants.

Biodegradable lubricants for:





Food Processing







Oilfield Services


Port & Marine



Contact Information
Michael Silver
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