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Tracey Grose

Market/Economic Strategy and Strategic Foresight

Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poultry is the country's first organic free-range chicken company. Petaluma Poultry is fully committed to sustainability: a comprehensive program of sustaining the environment, natural resources, profitability, our workforce and community.

As a pioneer and leader in the organic foods industry, we are dedicated to farming practices that renew natural and human resources. Our goal is to produce the finest poultry products while reducing waste, preserving our environment, supporting our employees' comfort and efficiency, and contributing to our local community.

Sustainable Farming

Dedicated to farming practices that renew natural and human resources, we manage our ranches with great care to preserve the land, air and water.  We grow our chickens in roomy, naturally lit barns, allowing Rocky the Range chicken and Rosie the Organic Chicken access to the outdoors.  Our chicken feed, based on corn and soy, is free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; Rosie’s feed is 100% certified organic.  As part of the company’s extensive recycling program, we send chicken manure to rice farmers who, in turn, provide us hulls to spread over the earthen floors of our poultry houses.

Environmental Health

Representatives from the hatchery, mill, farms and processing plant belong to the company’s Sustainability Team and lead our concerted effort to produce the finest poultry product while reducing waste and minimizing the use of natural resources.  As Willowbrook Mill we voluntarily avoid using electricity during peak hours – noon to six, Monday through Friday.  Our packing boxes are recyclable, sealed with environmentally friendly adhesive.  The hatchery donates cardboard egg flats to a rancher who raises crickets.  In the processing plant we continually modify and improve our technology with the goal of improving employee comfort and efficiency.  Our safety record is one of the best in the industry.
In 2001 we participated in a cutting edge, scientific experiment using ozone as a  sanitizing agent is the processing plant.  Ozone has the remarkable potential of eliminating the use of chlorine in our plant and reducing by 85% the use of water.

Economic Profitability

Petaluma Poultry recognizes the long term inderdependence of profitability, eco-efficiency and social responsibility.  We are an established, successful family business that cares for the working and living conditions of our employees.  Workers receive a complete compensation package including competitive wages, full health/dental/vision  coverage, life insurance and a 401-K program.  Employee turnover is very low; many have worked with us for decades.  By virtue of our pioneering efforts in organic poultry production, Petaluma Poultry is a leader in the organic foods industry.  In this role we are constantly working to improve the laws and regulations that govern organic production.  The company contributes time and resources to groups such as California Alliance with Family Farms, the Organic Trade Association and the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

Social and Economic Equity

At Petaluma Poultry we support farming and business practices that nourish the environment, the community and the individual.  We are active supporters of a variety of local charities, including the performing arts, the Boys & Girls Club and the local food bank.  Above all, we have an abiding respect for the agricultural roots of Sonoma County.  Sustainable, diversified farming is Sonoma County’s future.

Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center

Business and visitor resource center
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The Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is an organization of businesses that works to provide business tools, avenues for creating local economic vitality, opportunities for local promotion and civic advocacy in the Sebastopol Area.  It also serves as a visitor resource center for tourism and locals as well.

Contact Information
Teresa Ramondo
707-823-3032 x101

North Bay Business Journal

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The North Bay Business Journal is a weekly business-to-business newspaper covering Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. Our mission throughout the year  is to provide news, data and marketing solutions that businesses need to succeed. Now, more than ever, companies require leads for new business opportunities, quality networking events, reliable industry data and news on competitors, suppliers and customers.

Receive free Breaking News Email Alerts, attend industry conferences rich with information, expand your reach at networking events and stay up to date with a subscrition delivered to your desk weekly. Visit today!

Contact Information
Santa Rosa

Fisher Town Design, Inc.

Design & coding of complete neighborhoods instead of sprawl.

Fisher Town Design is a New Urbanist firm that specializes in creating walkable environments through smart zoning and excellent urban design. Utilizing the SmartCode, the principles of New Urbanism and a public process, walkable neighborhoods, towns and regions are designed and coded for municipalities, agencies and developers as an alternative to auto-oriented sprawl. Each project has healthy public spaces that honor the local sense of place. Designing fun and exciting walkable environments is key to reducing green house gases and vehicle miles traveled.

Contact Information
Lois Fisher
707 544 1118
Santa Rosa

GreenHeart Global, Inc

Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing

GreenHeart Global conceives, designs, produces and markets products that are made from recycled or highly recyclable material.

Contact Information
Gary Barker

Amonix, Inc.

Design & Manufacture of Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Solar Power Systems

Amonix designs and manufactures concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems that require less water, use land better, and produce more energy per acre than any other solar technology. With the longest track record of real-world CPV deployments in the industry, Amonix is proven to be the best choice for solar power systems in sunny and dry climates. Amonix is headquartered in Seal Beach, California. For more information, visit

Amonix, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems, announced today that it has raised a $129.4 million Series B financing round led by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. Other participants in the round include Adams Street Partners, Angeleno Group, PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund, Vedanta Capital LP, New Silk Route, The Westly Group, and current investor MissionPoint Capital Partners. Amonix will use the proceeds to accelerate deployments of its CPV systems and expand manufacturing capacity.

“Amonix CPV systems have emerged as the lowest cost solar technology for sunny and dry environments,” said Ben Kortlang, Partner of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield &
Byers. “Developers and utilities are choosing Amonix systems because of their
15-year track record in the field, high reliability, ease of deployment and
industry-leading efficiency.”

Brian Robertson, Amonix Chief Executive Officer, noted that the new round of funding reinforces the long-term commitment Amonix has to its customers and projects in the field. “Our customers can rely on our strengthened balance sheet, proven track record in the field, and an industry-leading warranty package,” said Robertson. “Our customers realize the benefit through lower cost project financing.”

Amonix previously raised $25 million in Series A funding from Goldman Sachs Group and MissionPoint Capital, and also received $15.6 million in grant funding through the Department of Energy Solar America Initiative (SAI). In 2010, Amonix received $9.5 million in stimulus funding as part of the federal Recovery Act’s Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, which will lead to 269 new clean energy manufacturing jobs in Nevada and 167 new jobs in Arizona.

Contact Information
Tran Luu
Seal Beach

Generational Energy

Energy Consultant

Home Energy Audits; Title 24 HERS Rater for Residential New & Existing, Photovoltaic; Energy Star Partner; CBPCA Professional

Contact Information
Jane Elias

Sonoma Wine Company

Premier Contract Winery Services Provider: Crush to Bottle, Private Label
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Crush to Bottle Contract Services

At Sonoma Wine Company our winemaking and cellar teams provide the highest level of winemaking expertise, technical advice and guidance for our clients and their winemaking needs. With six full-time winemakers on staff, we follow our clients’ winemaking and production protocol with detailed care and consideration. Whether pressing white juice, bottling custom blends or making finished case goods from a custom crush, we work closely with clients to ensure a quality product with superior customer service every time.

Contact Information
Natasha Granoff

Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy

Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future
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About the Institute

Founded in 2000, the Leadership Institute is a 501©3 public charity based in Sonoma County and dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for California’s North Coast. Our mission is to train people to be more effective leaders, and to educate community leaders and the public to understand that the future of our economy and quality of life are dependent on each other. The Institute is active throughout the year, providing education, training, and networking opportunities for community leaders. We have four main program areas:

• Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future
• Policy-Maker Outreach
• Community Education
• Leadership Networking


Sustainability recognizes that the planet’s resources are finite, and that if we want to be responsible stewards of the earth, we have to use those resources wisely, so they last indefinitely. To act responsibly in this regard, we must look beyond our day to day lives. We must examine the impact of our actions in a broader context. We must demonstrate leadership to our friends and neighbors, and embrace ecological sustainability as a continual process of improvement.

A Focus on Policy Makers

Existing laws, regulations, and economic policy make it costly and difficult to live a sustainable lifestyle. There is a growing consensus that government must make it easier to protect our natural environment, foster social equity, and support a prosperous local economy. Most elected and appointed officials want to do the right thing—they need encouragement, education, and support. The political will to change will come from a grassroots movement, not from city hall.

Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future

Our core program educates community leaders to be more effective in shaping public policy. Participants meet for a full day a month, from September through May. Class members work with key political and civic leaders, attend workshops on sustainability, take field trips, and engage in leadership training exercises. The class emphasizes the links between economic viability, ecological sustainability, and social equity. The issues range from global to local, the topics are relevant, and the discussions are lively and informative. Graduates of the program have held elected or appointed office in every community in Sonoma County.

Policy-Maker Outreach

We educate and inform elected and appointed officials with non-partisan analysis, research, and studies that help them make the right decisions for sustainable communities. Graduates of the Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future regularly act in advocacy roles in their communities, influencing public policy and building healthy communities.

Community Education

A key part of our mission is to raise public awareness about the linkages between economics, sustainability, and social justice. We sponsor public workshops and forums, often working cooperatively with other organizations. Our website,, is a powerful tool to link individuals and organizations with resources and information.

Leadership Networking

There are now more than 200 graduates of the Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future. These Fellows of the Institute are a dynamic, highly-motivated group of individuals who want to make a difference in their communities. The Fellows have vastly different economic, social, cultural, and political backgrounds, yet they share an interest in a just and sustainable future. We offer regular networking opportunities for the Fellows, many of whom are also involved in the ongoing work of the Institute.

Learn more:

Westcoast Solar Energy

West Coast Solar Energy is a full service independent solar integrator based in Sonoma County. We install the highest
quality solar panel arrays for residential and commercial applications of any size. Every installation is custom designed
to meet the job's energy requirements and the natural potential of the location.

Sonoma State University

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About the School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Sonoma State University (SSU) was founded amid change in the 1960s. A group of forward-thinking professors moved north from San Francisco to challenge the status quo and establish a new campus and new approach to learning, free from the ivory tower. SBE’s mission is to create extraordinary learning experiences and advance best business practices in the North Bay and beyond. Values of community, sustainability, creativity, and progress are essential to its story and instilled in students through competitive undergraduate and graduate degree programs, professional certificates, and custom corporate partnerships.

Graduate programs include the Sonoma MBA for Professionals program, offered in part-time (two-years) or full-time (one-year) formats, and Sonoma Executive MBA program, designed with a schedule, relevance, and leadership focus for professionals at the senior manager, director, and executive levels. The Wine Business Institute is an education and research institute within SBE and offers the first professional certificates and degrees in the U.S. specializing in the business of wine. Undergraduate degree programs include a B.S. in Business, a B.A. in Economics, and a range of cross-disciplinary minors. The business degree has concentrations in accounting, finance and financial management, management, marketing, and wine business strategies.

SBE programs and degrees are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a standard of excellence earned by the world’s top business schools. To learn more, please visit

About SSU

Located in California's premier wine country 40 miles north of San Francisco, Sonoma State is a small campus with big ideas. With a tradition of promoting intellectual and personal growth, leadership opportunities and technological proficiency, SSU offers its 8,500 students a friendly, safe and informal atmosphere on a beautiful campus setting of 269 richly-landscaped acres. Currently, campus housing accommodates 2,400 students in both apartment and residential suite style facilities.

The university also owns and operates the 411-acre Fairfield Osborn Preserve nearby and the 3,200 acre Galbreath Wildland Preserve in Mendocino County. Both offer major opportunities for research in the natural sciences rare for students.

One of the most requested campuses in the CSU system and regularly named a “Best Value” College by Princeton Review, SSU has also been named one of the “most wired” campuses in the nation by Forbes magazine. It is the only California university that is a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, the prestigious group of 19 universities and colleges across the nation that are often described as the “Public Ivies.”

Founded in 1960 as a teacher education center for the North Bay, Sonoma State University is now a liberal arts and sciences university dedicated to providing high-quality undergraduate education and selected professional graduate programs. Dedicated to the liberal arts and sciences and known for its active use of technology., the SSU educational experience fosters intellectual, cognitive, social and personal growth. The faculty and staff of Sonoma State provide close mentoring relationships and an education that fosters ethical exploration, civic engagement, social responsibility, and global awareness combined with a solid foundation in an academic discipline.

Sonoma State University also serves as an educational and cultural resource for its region by offering courses, lectures, workshops and programs that are open to the public and by entering into partnerships with local businesses, industries, and cultural and educational institutions to enhance the quality of life in the North Bay and beyond.

As California's premier public undergraduate institution, SSU has a commitment to graduating students who have the ability to think critically and ethically and can effectively use information technology.

Academic Profile

The SSU educational experience fosters intellectual, cognitive, social and personal growth. The faculty and staff provide close mentoring relationships and an education that fosters ethical exploration, civic engagement, social responsibility, and global awareness combined with a solid foundation in an academic discipline. Many classes average fewer than 25 students, allowing close interaction between students and faculty.

SSU has a commitment to graduating students who have the ability to think critically and ethically and can effectively use information technology. There is a strong move to develop a global perspective in much of the curriculum to prepare students for the needs of the 21st century workplace.

Degree/Program Offerings

The university is comprised of six schools: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Education, Extended Education, Science and Technology and Social Sciences. Degrees are offered in 41 majors and 46 minors at the bachelor's level and 14 at the master's level. The university offers a joint master’s degree in mathematics with San Francisco State University and a joint doctorate in educational administration with California State University, Sacramento and the University of California, Davis. It also offers nine credential programs and eight undergraduate and graduate certificate programs. Sonoma State offers one of the only wine business programs in the country.

Learn more:

Harmony Festival Inc.

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For 32 years, Harmony has been a leading-edge lifestyle festival that celebrates the latest trends in health, music, arts, ecology, and spirituality.

Created and seasoned in the trend-setting North Bay Area, Harmony is the original festival to appeal to the green lifestyle market. Over the past 5 years Harmony expanded into a major music festival and in 2009-10, Harmony added the Eco Rally Action Sports Skate Zone to attract a younger demographic.

In 2008, Harmony Festival celebrated its landmark 30th Anniversary with Damian Marley as the headliner.

In 2009, Harmony Festival again invested capital in the expansion of brand recognition and in pursuit of new demographics. Through the introduction of the 1st Annual Eco Rally Skateboard Competition, Harmony Festival received national and international attention and achieved new record numbers for ticket sales and revenues. In 2010, Harmony Festival, Inc. moved its corporate headquarters to Sonoma Mountain Village, North America’s first and only the fourth in the world to receive the prestigious One Planet Communities honor.

The 2010 Festival reached record-breaking attendance estimated at 35,000 people over the weekend. Press outreach, both print and online, hit the mark with featured stories appearing in LA Times, Boston Globe and thousands of impressions on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Slightly Stoopid and Ms. Lauryn Hill rocked the main field. Eco Rally Skateboard Competition attracted the 7-16 year old demographic. This pro/am contest featured MTV, Village Voice and Rolling Stone youth oriented music. The second year of Harmony Festival’s financially successful Harmony Tea House featured freshly made baked goods, teas, live jazz and sacred music in an intimate setting. A larger VIP area with amenities elevated our VIP experience.

2011 Musical Lineup!

Michael Franti & Spearhead
Railroad Earth
David Nelson Band with Jesse McReynolds
Moon Alice
The Flaming Lips
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals    
Rootz Underground
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Krishna Das & Friends
Natacha Atlas
The Soft White Sixties
Jose Netoband with Steve Kimock
Jesse McReynolds
El Radio Fantastique
Fishtank Ensemble
Old Jaw Bone
Three Legged Sister
Stephen Kent & Friends
Salt Water Heelers & Friends
Classical Revolution
Jazz Brunch

Pasta Bella in Sebastopol

Locally owned and operated since 1996, PASTA BELLA in Sebastopol now offers many products organic and locally sourced culminating in events once a month which offer a fully local and organic sourced menu from the olive oil to the the biodynamically grown veggies, sauces to pasture raised meat. Come check out our featured wine dinner, MAY 18th, with Sebastopol's Balletto Vineyards featuring all local and sustainable ingredients. We are proud to be part of our LOCAL community.

Dominican University of California's GreenMBA

skills and experience to innovate, communicate, and lead effectively
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Dominican University of California's GreenMBA is an engaged learning community that seeks to promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice in business and organizations of all types. Students graduate with practical skills and experience, prepared to innovate, communicate, and lead effectively in the face of global challenges.

We provide a culture of collaboration and innovation for those ready to take responsibility in a complex world that needs rethinking.

Dominican’s GreenMBA is an on-site program whose graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures to accommodate life/work balance while pursuing the degree.


The GreenMBA curriculum integrates the stewardship of financial, human, and natural capital – beyond the triple bottom line - into a world-class program. Our collaborative, project-oriented approach integrates the development of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills with critical thinking and leadership capacities. Our emphasis on systemic approaches to understanding complexity equip students to innovate and nurture resilience in organizations of all sizes.


The GreenMBA community is a diverse, multi-generational group with a rich variety of life experience and work backgrounds. We cultivate a sense of place and belonging, and our network extends beyond northern California to global partners and a broad array of organizations and individuals who share our common purpose. Community events for students, alumni, faculty, and guests promote cross-pollination of ideas and the expansion of personal and organizational networks. Small classes, transparent communication, faculty-mentors, and collaborative, project-oriented learning create a supportive, challenging environment.


Our guiding principle is: “Transform Yourself. Transform Business. Transform The World.” Program participants begin by exploring their beliefs, purpose, passion, and world view. Students acquire the tools to lead organizations to transcend ‘business as usual’ practices and adapt with a rapidly changing world.

Follow us on Twitter and the GreenMBA blog.

Sonoma Garden Boxes

We provide tools and information for growing food at home.  Our solutions range from free advice and connections to support networks to cementlined raised beds with covers that create barriers to all and any pests.  Our goal to to manufacture using local and sustainable resources whenever possible.


Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands.  Earthsite specializes in building trusted brands, web strategy, and social media marketing.

Our clients include brands such as: Real Goods Solar, Numi Organic Tea, The Green Festival, San Francisco Department of the Environment, and Dominican University of CA.

Green Chamber of Commerce

The Green Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 non-profit that was founded in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Green Chamber is expanding nationally with additional chapters forming throughout the US.

The Green Chamber of Commerce is a growing and diverse business network dedicated to:

  • Promoting the success of our members,
  • Supporting the development of sustainable business practices, and
  • Advocating for a green public policy

Ted M. Tiffany, LEED® AP, HBDP, CEPE

Energy & Building Performance Modeling Manager

IDEX Health & Science LLC

Proud to be a sponsor of the 2010 Sustainable Enterprise Conference

IDEX Health & Science LLC

600 Park Court

Rohnert Park, CA  94928


Daily Acts

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Daily Acts is a sustainability non-profit that inspires action to create more nourishing, connected, and resilient communities. We offer tours, workshops, and presentations which promote ecological design solutions to environmental and social crises. We focus on hands-on, people powered solutions like greywater, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, food forests,  saving seeds, preserving the harvest, sheet-mulching lawns, and involving your friends and neighbors.

Grounded in the core belief that every choice you make matters, we take a heart-centered approach to personal and community transformation. Our education programs, action campaigns, and strategic alliances connect people to each other and to their own power to grow food, conserve resources and build local resilience. By partnering with local municipalities, organizations, and businesses; we educate thousands of people each year.

Come on out to an event and join us! Learn more at

Contact Information
Daily Acts Organization

Michaels Green Upholstery

Michael’s Custom Built Inc. is a progressive upholstery shop, We build
new furniture and Reupholster, Recycle, Restyle, Reduce, Reuse, Redesign,
Recover and Redecorate your Residence and Commercial offices, hotel, wineries
and restaurants. We have the resources to make any upholstered piece more earth
friendly. We carry unique natural fiber fillers and fabrics such as silk, wool,
cork, linen, and cotton.

Michael’s offers clients an environmentally conscience product without
compromising on design or style. Either a new piece of furniture or the reworking
of an old treasured piece we are committed meeting every client’s individual
needs and desires.

In the past few years Michael’s has researched and located sources
from around the world to supply us with natural and organic materials for our
Green Furniture clients.

When creating a piece of new environmentally friendly furniture we use
organic cotton and hemp for our batting, ticking, and webbing. Our frames are
made from recycled wood or F.S.C. (Forest Steward Council) certified wood. We
use low V.O.C. glues and adhesives and latex rubber.

In our small way we feel
proud that we are encouraging the reduction of furniture waste in our
overcrowded landfills. By reupholstering furniture and building new furniture
using the most renewable resources we are helping to protect our soil, water,
and air.

Living Earth Structures

Living Earth Structures was started by Miguel "Micah" Elliott after years travelling the world studying various natural building practices.  LES specializes in sculpting adobe pizza ovens and benches using local Earth on site when possible in an attempt to revive the earthen building tradition in Sonoma County left behind by General Vallejo.   Our structures provide the perfect outdoor entertaining opportunities with a warm fireplace you can actually cook in anad benches which heat up from the fire.

Design Motif

Design Motif is an award-winning international web design and branding consultancy based in beautiful Sonoma County, California.

We offer:

Web Design:

Award-winning, custom turnkey web design, branding, and site optimization

Custom CMS:

Design, install, and train you for custom WordPress and Joomla content management

Social Media:

Social media marketing strategies to help you develop a deeper online presence

We specialize in building on the soul of your brand, helping you maximize your market presence and build strong two-way client relationships, two of the most important factors affecting your organization's success.

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