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Sally Tomatoes

Restaurant and catering company

Sally Tomatoes is a restaurant and catering company that specializes in quality service and customer satisfaction. We focus on providing first-rate food and service for your next meal or event. From our cafe to our event center and banquet rooms, we are ready to deliver high-quality cooking at an affordable price.

Vision & Philosophy

Sally Tomatoes has years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs time after time. Sally Tomatoes is proud to offer every level of catering, whether it is a buffet event, a formal sit down dinner or a business meeting.

We provide open communication and strive to meet our customers’ catering concepts. We put our customers first because we take pleasure in what we do and how we treat our valued patrons. You will be able to walk away with a full stomach and a positive experience.

Our Food

Excellent cuisine starts with superior ingredients. Our dishes feature products from local farmers, merchants and artisans. Sally Tomatoes ensures the highest quality of food at our cafe and bar or for a successful catering affair at our event center with banquet room options.

We are proud to serve authentic, great-tasting food in a friendly atmosphere. We use old world tradition in our catering endeavors for the best flavor. Clients are able to consume handcrafted sauces and slow-roasted meats that are prepared on-site.

Our Community

From our charitable donations to community recognition, Sally Tomatoes cares about our local neighborhood and economic development. We have a strong involvement with the community promoting success for local businesses and residents.

Establishing a sense of community is at the heart of our operations. We are proud of our relationships and we invite you to visit our Community tab for a complete list of Sonoma County organizations that we have formed an association with.

Sustainability Achievements: 
Sally Tomatoes restaurant in Rohnert Park was awarded the BEA Best Practices Award. Sally Tomatoes was one of 17 leading local businesses being honored for excellence in sustainable business practices.