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Green Mary

Event Waste Diversion and EcoEducation, advancing reuse, maximizing compost, activating the community.
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Mary Munat has been doing event waste diversion in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly ten years now.  With over 500 events greened, from small weddings to music festivals drawing over half a million people, she and her large Green Team focus on systems in working with producers, venue operators and municipalities.  Education receives great emphasis through clear signage, Earth Tips featuring action-based lessons, training volunteers and teaching attendees how to live lighter on the planet while out at public events.  The company manages everything from bringing in containers for compost, recycling and landfill to full venue clean up, sorting every bag as they go to maximize soil making through composting and minimize trash to overflowing landfills.

Sustainability Achievements: 
Event waste diversion up to 95% Contributing to infrastructural shifts with waste haulers, service providers, venue operators and in educating around compostable plastics Ultimate triple-bottom line combination: 100+ employees, many of whom have been with Green Mary for years + tons and tons of waste diverted from landfill + sustaining family with an income that enables me to donate services, support vital beloved causes and volunteer with campaigns near and dear to my heart Chair of Sonoma County Plastic Bag Ban Campaign Increasingly sought after as a sustainability speaker and event greener - flattered, delighted!
Sustainability Challenges: 
Haulers - unless we get them individually, drivers look at dumpsters full of perfectly pure organic waste and see "Trash" and take it to landfill. I have to sleep in my vehicle oftemtimes and block dumpsters to ensure I get to talk to drivers and educate them about the precious load they are hauling. LITTER! A nasty habit spreading like crazy, from progressive events to street parties, everyone seems to be littering now... Lack of sufficient funding to do it all perfectly
Contact Information
Mary Munat
PO Box 4957
Santa Rosa