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Solar Sonoma County

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To promote installation of solar PV and solar thermal on public facilities, homes, and private properties and to promote energy efficiency countywide through a public/private partnership.

About Us

Solar Sonoma County is a consortium of local governments, businesses and other local entities and individuals working collaboratively to identify and implement initiatives to promote, expand, and accelerate solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy generation and energy efficiency throughout Sonoma County.


Originally established in 2002 as Solar Sebastopol, Solar Sonoma County was founded by Lori Houston and Marty Roberts with a grant from the U.S. Department of energy, in partnership with the City of Santa Rosa. The program has garnered national and international media attention as one of 25 Solar America Cities, and the only countywide program.
In 2015, Solar Sonoma County became a program of the Center for Climate Protection. The Mission of the Center: "To inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate crisis.  We work with business, government, youth, and the broader community to advance practical, science-based solutions for significant greenhouse gas emission reductions"
Solar Sonoma County’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to meet and even exceed countywide targets for climate protection which ultimately will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
SSC is part of an unprecedented countywide solar and environmental effort that has captured the attention of President Obama and the Department of Energy, who often refer to Sonoma County as a national model for cutting-edge clean energy programs. 

Four Principle Program Areas: 

-Clean Energy Workforce: Our programs include developing scholarships, training and mentoring a clean energy workforce facilitating vendor groups, supporting industry standards, and developing quality assurance.
-Clean Energy Advocate (CEA): CEA is designed to assist homeowners in the process of energy efficiency upgrades and solar installations and financing. Free to the public, this service has been created to demystify the process to facilitate the adoption of solar. The CEA program is a collaborative partnership between the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Clean Power and Solar Sonoma County.
-Community Resource: SSC serves as a clearinghouse for who’s who and who’s doing what with clean energy in Sonoma County. We offer a calendar of events, green job postings, aggregated RSS green news feeds, case studies, and recommended and vetted clean energy vendor lists.
-Advocacy: SSC has grown into a powerful local organization with a constituency of elected officials and local government staff, clean energy vendors, and other key stakeholders who allows us to quickly locate support for and to act on policy issues that will affect the future of clean energy in Sonoma County.


-Countywide Solar Implementation Plan: Working to streamline and standardize solar policies for all local governments.
-Public Installations: Assisting local governments with solar PV and thermal power installations at public facilities.
-Promoting efficiency and conservation by bundling with solar initiatives.
-Aggregating public outreach, education, and marketing for solar energy.
-Establishing innovative financing and incentives to make solar more easily adopted.