The 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Conference will be May 7, 2020 at SOMO Village.

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Strozzi Institute

We develop the human resources for a sustainable world.
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Our mission is to develop leaders and organizations who embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action and grounded compassion; and who use conflict as a generative force.  Strozzi Institute is the original architect of Embodied Leadership – a unique approach that combines the latest in neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication and mindfulness. It is a 45 year old, groundbreaking methodology that produces sustainable results.  Our definition of transformation, or embodied change, is that we can take new actions aligned with our vision and values, even under the same old pressures.  This is what we see is called for from today's sustainability leaders, given the innovations that are needed in our times. Our commitment is to leave the world more vital than we found it, through empowering leaders and organizations that are committed to a sustainable future for all life.

Sustainability Achievements: 
In 2012 Strozzi Institute reincorporated as a CA Benefit Corporation, as soon as this was available in the state. We are in process of becoming B Corp certified. Some of our sustainability achievements that we are excited about include: our Petaluma based training site is 100% solar powered, we use well water and have installed water catchment, there is an organic garden and compost that serves the site, and the remaining acreage is also organic. We prioritize working with local and sustainable business partners, as well as women and people of color owned businesses for our catering, printing, web design consultants, etc. In the last 4 years we have also implemented a diversity plan to assure that our leadership, staff and SI trainers represent the gender and racial diversity of our communities and the world we want to see. We hold that the sustainability of resources and our natural world, are interdependent with social equity, and work for both.
Sustainability Challenges: 
Our sustainability challenges have to do with the number of people who fly to attend our work, and how often we fly to deliver our work. While we can participate in carbon off-sets, it is not the final solution. We are focused on increasing our local and regional business partnerships with sustainable businesses, and coach training, while also creating strategies for regional hubs, in other areas of the country, where we have developed SI trainers. We invest 5-8 years of development into our leader trainers of this methodology, so building within their regions is vital to an overall sustainability approach.
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