This is the archive website for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. The site hosts archives for our events from 2007-2018.

In 2020 we deployed a new webite for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at

Since COVID-19 arrived we've stopped convening.

Sustainable World Coalition

We provide programs and materials to clarify the big picture with sustainability — issues and solutions
Social Media

We publish the Sustainable World Sourcebook, an award-winning, magazine-style summary of the big issues, best solutions, and actions to take. We also host online programs and events. Our recent initiative, Planet Earth Arts, uses eco-arts to foster inspiration and engagement (  

Sustainability Achievements: 
Production of two Sustainable World Symposia. Our book, Sustainable World Sourcebook, won the International Book Award, environment category. Co-producers of Spring of Sustainability online program. Planet Earth Arts are currently Artists in Residence at Stanford University.
Sustainability Challenges: 
We have not achieved a tipping point yet where sustainability education goes viral.
Contact Information
Vinit Allen
19345 Moonridge Rd.
Hidden Valley Lake