This is the archive website for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. The site hosts archives for our events from 2007-2018.

In 2020 we deployed a new webite for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at

Since COVID-19 arrived we've stopped convening.


Technology to help companies easily involve employees and customers in philanthropy.
Social Media

Givkwik is transforming philanthropy for the next generation. We make it easy for anyone to discover good causes. You can simply give your opinion through our voting widget or you can donate as much or as little as you want through our 'giv' button, to virtually any charity at any time. We're a tech company that makes it easy to connect people and businesses with nonprofits. We want to make giving more affordable for everyone, so that anyone can become a philanthropist. For nonprofits, we make it easy to promote your mission and find new donors and corporate sponsors. For businesses, we make it a snap to get your employees and customers involved in your corporate philanthropy.  This is a solution for anyone who wants to give - with friends, with employees, with customers.

Sustainability Achievements: 
We help companies scale up their cause marketing and engagement of their customers and employees in corporate philanthropy in completely green/paperless ways. We recently helped a major Fortune 500 global professional services firm involved 10,000 employees in giving away $1.2 Million over 3 weeks.
Sustainability Challenges: 
In the past, your company wouldn't think of inviting 1000 people to opine on where to donate $1000 of the company's profits for social impact. It would just be impossible to coordinate all those inputs. But, the opportunities to involve more people in raising awareness for your brand's commitment to social responsibility are exponential. With Givkwik, now you can involve more employees and customers in critical decisions about corporate philanthropy in a more affordable, more impactful and more expeditious way.
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