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Singing Frogs Farm

Providing Fresh, Organically Grown Produce direct to our local community
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Singing Frogs Farm is a local farm supplying produce through their CSA memberships and Farmers' Markets.

Singing Frogs Farm is unique in that they farm FOR Mother Nature. Unlike typical organic and conventional farm operations, Singing Frogs Farm encourages and celebrates the vast diversity of life in its fields. Singing Frogs Farm has expanded riparian areas, established wildlife habitat, and planted native hedgerows in and throughout the fields. By increasing the strength and vitality of Mother Nature on our property, we have increased the abundance and resilience of our crop production systems allowing us to grow far more food than any other type of agricultural system while producing fresh vegetables, berries, herbs and fruits that are substantially healthier and more nutrient dense for our friends and community.

Sustainability Achievements: 
Singing Frogs Farm is unique in that they farm FOR Mother Nature. Winners of the 2010 North American Farmer Rancher Award for Pollinator Conservation and Education. Award given by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign in conjunction with the USDA in Washington D.C.
Sustainability Challenges: 
Helping our neighbors and communities to transition back to local, seasonal eating habits.
Contact Information
Paul Kaiser
707 8291389
1301 Ferguson Rd.