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Earth in Concert

Music, audio and web production, visual art, media and design for positive change
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Earth in Concert originates artistic products and provides creative services. We express vision and harmonize purpose for enterprises and individuals working toward positive change. The core creative team of Christine Walker & Dennis Hysom work in collaboration with other creative professionals on a range of projects and also independently as consultants.

Strategic visualization, which Christine will demonstrate during the conference, helps organizations and individuals see thought, shape vision, and focus action to discover, articulate, and realize goals. The combination of visual and narrative speaks to the whole brain, stimulates creative thinking, and encourages innovation and collaboration. To learn more about visual thinking, visit

Dennis is a musician, sound recordist, and audio and web producer who has composed eight albums of instrumental music with nature sounds. 

In 2015, Earth in Concert launched a family of iOS apps called Nature Maestro to empower environmental education through sound. Dennis recorded all the sounds on location in Costa Rican rainforests and Alaska's Glacier Bay. Christine created original art depicting the animals and their habitats. They worked with developer Krishna Narayan of Island Innovation. The Nature Maestro apps are available in the iTunes App Store. Find out more at

Dennis and Christine are also the creators of the award-winning Wooleycat children's series of songs, video, and “Wooleycat's Musical Theater” book with CD.

Sustainability Achievements: 
In summer 2011 and 2014, Christine was the "spark" and volunteer creative director of "Bibliophoria: Celebrate Book Arts," hosted by Sebastopol Center for the Arts to explore how technology shapes our relationship to words & images, thinking & imagining, ideas & culture, community & local sustainable economy. Events in Sebastopol focused on book arts—traditional bookmaking to contemporary artistry, and history and future of the book.
Sustainability Challenges: 
Help arts and literary organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs to thrive in local economies and to engage in conversations about and contribute solutions for sustainability. Find intersections for the arts with businesses and organizations to spark innovation, leadership, promote prosperity, and strengthen communities. Bring the "whole brain, whole body" (all the senses) into sustainability conversations through visual thinking and whole-body learning.
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Christine Walker
8196 Elphick Road