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421 Group

Planning + Strategy + Development
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421 Group is a boutique consultancy that offers planning, strategy, and development services to help innovative cannabis organizations succeed.

Our experienced consultants are skilled in supporting the kinds of core business needs that come into play throughout a company's evolution: organizational design; branding and marketing; leadership development; and public affairs.

We also offer high-level strategy meetings for entrepreneurs interested in entering the industry. Learn more at

Contact Information
Craig Litwin
(707) 861-8421

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Softare-driven, highly custom, long-lifecycle, interior construction systems: walls, doors, electrical, millwork.

DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors. DIRTT combines its proprietary ICE® 3D design, configuration and manufacturing software with integrated in-house manufacturing of its innovative prefabricated interior construction solutions and an extensive Distribution Partner network across two continents. DIRTT is underpinned by a strong entrepreneurial culture and provides a unique, end-to-end customer solution for the inefficient and fragmented construction industry.

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Lewis Buchner, LEED AP ID+C
Calgary, Alberta; Phoenix AZ, Savannah, GA


Internet + Phone
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Sonic provides the most reliable Internet + Phone service in the industry. Founded in Santa Rosa more than 20 years ago, Sonic is beloved by customers for our personal customer service, great technical products and fair prices. In addition to servicing residential customers throughout the state of California, Sonic provides Internet + Phone services for companies such as Amy's Kitchen, Friedman's Home Improvement, Uber and the Golden State Warriors.

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Allison Hernandez
Santa Rosa

Natural Investments

Socially Responsible Sustainable Impact Investing
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Christopher Peck

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Carbon Pricing
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Building political will for a livable world, Citizens' Climate Lobby trains citizens to use our democratic process to build support for a carbon price. We advocate a revenue neutral, predictably rising fee on carbon based fuels, imposed at their point of entry into the economy, with full return of the proceeds to households along with border carbon duties to engage other nations in harmonizing their own carbon pricing. Models show economic growth and faster emissions reductions than any other plan. Organization growth has been meteoric over the past 5 years. 

Contact Information
peter joseph
San Anselmo

New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank is the bank for businesses and organizations building a better world.
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New Resource Bank is the  bank for businesses and organizations building a better world. We advance sustainability with everything we do: the loans we make, the way we operate and our commitment to using deposits for good.  Our deep expertise and powerful network of values-driven companies and organizations work to transform banking and create a better world.

Contact Information
Stephanie Meade
San Francisco

sela sustainability consulting

sela sustainability offers analysis and planning services to entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits.

sela offers sustainable business services to existing businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities. sela strives to transform, lead, train and support organizations that want to be a social change agent. 

Contact Information
Marisela Barbosa

Sonoma Green Business Program

The Sonoma Green Business Program certifies businesses for meeting a high set of environmental standards.
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The Sonoma Green Business Program is a partnership of government agencies and utilities that assists, recognizes, and promotes local organizations, focusing on small- to medium-sized consumer-oriented businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To be certified, participants must be in compliance with all environmental regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste.

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Kevin Kumataka
Santa Rosa


FloWater is passionate about revolutionizing the way people drink water while eliminating plastic water bottle waste.
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FloWater is passionate about revolutionizing the way people drink water while eliminating plastic water bottle waste.

Our premium water is dispensed through an innovative Refill Station design using state-of-the-art purification to deliver the most hydrating water into your reusable bottle. 

Check us out on social media @myflowater or watch our video at


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Jake Croghan

Clear Blue Commercial

CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL is a full service green real estate company.
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CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL is a full service management and leasing company dedicated to maximizing our clients’ investments, saving our clients’ time, and adding value to our local communities. CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL applies a holistic and sustainable approach to all facets of the life of your property: LeasingSalesProperty and Facility Management, and Project Management.  

If you are passionate about your community and your planet, if you believe that collaboration is the new competition, if you know that together we can create real change, we can’t wait to work with you!

Clear Blue Commercial has collaborated with Sonoma County's vibrant community and organized several turf conversions which ultimately saved over 2.6 million gallons of water annually. Over the past 3 years, this has amounted to over 7.2 million gallons of water! Watch videos here.

Contact Information
Carolyn Pistone
(707) 794-8400

City of Rohnert Park

Governance and municipal service provision
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The City of Rohnert Park is an incorporated municipality formed in 1962 that has provided governance and services to a community now totaling approximately 42,000 residents. The City actively seeks to be environmentally and economically sustainable, and encourages others to do likewise.

Contact Information
Bryce Atkins
(707) 588-2247
Rohnert Park

Gourmet Mushrooms Inc / Mycopia

Growing eight varieties of organic, specialty mushrooms for fine restaurants and kitchens across the country.
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Gourmet Mushrooms Inc. grows more varieties of organic culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any farm in America. We grow and ship seven varieties of organic specialty mushrooms under our Mycopia brand to America's finest restaurants, specialty food wholesalers and gourmet grocers. Our mycelial biomass and tinctures are valued for nutraceutical compounding by manufacturers worldwide.

Unlike white button, crimini, and portabella, our culinary mushrooms are not grown on a manure based ‘substrate’ but rather on agricultural byproducts, such as corncob and oak shavings; utilizing materials that might otherwise be wasted. Once the mushrooms are harvested, this substrate is sold to local vineyards and farms as a rich supplement for their compost. I

n 2013 we reached production capacity at our farm in Sebastopol, California and expanded to a second facility in Michigan to better serve our customers in the eastern part of the country. This will serve the added benefit of reducing our transportation carbon footprint.

We continue to investigate ways of further expanding our sustainability efforts with possibilities including; building a greenhouse to utilize C02 generated by the developing mushrooms, utilizing the energy of steam and heat released after substrate sterilization, and increasing energy efficiencies.

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Social media marketing strategy, content development, and social platform coaching
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SocialElements is a social media marketing group operating in the heart of West Sonoma County. We partner with local businesses to bring to life their social media presence through thoughtful planning, strategic content and engagement. 

Contact Information
April Karr


Sustainable Labware Solutions
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Labcon was founded in Marin County, California in 1959 as Ways and Means, Inc. The name given to the company then reflected the newness of the plastics industry where the company literally had to find the "ways and means" to make plastic products including small toys, vials for salt tablets, contact lens cases, cassette tape cartridges and cigarette filters. Labcon developed some of the first plastic pipet tips for research liquid handling in the early 1980’s and soon became a major global supplier of plastic laboratory products for industries such as biomedical research, pharmaceutical and environmental studies. This focus helped Labcon grow at a time when the use of disposables exploded over fears of contamination from even minute traces of chemicals left over from the washing of glassware.

Although Labcon is a major supplier of disposable products to laboratories, there had been growing concern inside and outside the company that disposable plastics are too wasteful. From this understanding Labcon began to develop products in 1994 that were unlike anything else the laboratory industry had seen. These innovative products incorporate concepts of "eco-efficiency" using less packaging, recycled plastics, plant-based bioplastics and refillable products. A particularly good example is the Pagoda® pipet tip refill system which eliminates 90% of the packaging and waste in typical products of this kind and has spawned a multitude of imitations. Labcon also began looking at its manufacturing processes for areas to cut waste and lessen its environmental impact. Starting in 2003, a tremendous investment was devoted toward a new manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA with high-efficiency electric molding machines, solvent (VOC) free printers for product marking, a chemical-free water treatment system, an internal scrap recycling program and numerous other enhancements which resulted in zero plastic waste and an over 50% reduction in the energy to produce our products. In 2010 Labcon made the largest single equipment investment in company history by installing a $3.3M 800kW rooftop solar array to produce 30% of the company’s electricity. We now scrutinize a full spectrum of environmental impacts including the greenhouse gas/carbon footprint to produce our products which we’re proud to say has been cut by 70% in the past 10 years.

Labcon has taken significant steps over the years to address the environmental concerns we share with our customers and community in order to develop an earth friendly manufacturing business.

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Compostable & Disposable Party Tableware & Carry-Out Containers
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Bamblu LLC is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Bamblu Palm Leaf Plates, a USDA Certified Biobased product. Wholesale FOB Santa Rosa, CA. Packaged in retail packs of 10, they have a two year shelf life, are microwave and oven safe up to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. They're reusable, though designed for one use. Self-sustaining, 100% toxin free and home compostable. Simply toss with food waste or home compost just like a leaf in your yard. Cows and sheep have been known to love them, too! Ideal for camping supplies, travel kits, and tailgate parties. Use for indoor or outdoor dining at picnics, pool parties, weddings, birthdays, and large outdoor events. Order online or by phone. Office and Order/Pickup Counter is in Sebastopol, open Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm, Sat from 10am to 2pm with scheduled time. From Earth to Table and Back!

Contact Information
Vangie Pullins

Petaluma Health Center

provides excellent health information, education and clinical care to all in a financially sustainable way
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We are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides primary medical care and mental health services to residents of Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Penngrove and the surrounding areas. We are organized as a private, non profit corporation and governed by a consumer and community led Board of Directors.

We provide our services regardless of economic, insurance, or cultural barriers. The Center accomplishes this mission through collaborative, innovative programs, services and referral resources to meet the economic needs of the entire community.

Contact Information
Holly Butler

Sonoma County Economic Development Board

encouraging the startup, retention and expansion of Sonoma County businesses and jobs

The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) provides assistance services directed toward encouraging the startup, retention and expansion of Sonoma County businesses and jobs, particularly with small businesses; creation of new jobs and employment opportunities; and diversification of economic activity and strengthening the County’s tax base. The EDB has two major functions:

  • To provide information and referral services to help local businesses to start up, succeed, and grow; and
  • To develop and disseminate factual data regarding significant economic activities, trends and projections for Sonoma County. In addition, the Economic Development Director performs numerous activities on behalf of the Board of Supervisors ranging from coordination to analysis of issues impacting Sonoma County.

North Bay iHub

Mission: To create high value jobs in the North Bay by enabling and accelerating the success of technology start-ups.
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The North Bay iHub seeks to mitigate political barriers and promote a regional approach to stimulating job creation and technology commercialization in Napa, Marin and Sonoma counties. The iHub achieves this by stimulating partnerships between non-profit economic development organizations, government entities, universities, businesses, and investment networks to accelerate investment and economic development.
The structural goal of these partnerships is to provide a continuum of support for young, innovative technology companies. As the iHub program matures and additional State funding becomes available, local companies and research institutions will also benefit from enhanced national and global exposure, marketing and partnership opportunities.
One of 12 Innovation Hubs certified by the state of California to foster business innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation, the North Bay iHub is coordinated by the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster and partners with the following organizations:
  • Sonoma State University
  • City of Santa Rosa
  • City of Rohnert Park
  • Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
  • North Bay Angels
  • Sonoma County Economic Development Board
  • Marin Economic Forum
  • Small Business Development Center at Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Wavepoint Ventures
Contact Information
Kari Danskin
Rohnert Park

Computer Recycling Center and Computers & Education

Environmental Electronics and Technology REuse programs, training and internships; end-of-life recycling.
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CRC Computer Recycling Center ( established 1991 as first in the nation, right here in the SF Bay Area,  REuse for all electronics with a battery or a plug.

We provide business pickups of electronics, HDD overwrite data destruction, SB 20/50 end-of-life services for glass screen monitors and TV's, and donations of computers and laptops to foster youth and families, disabled home-bound elders, disabled Veterans and Service personnel families, teachers, and more!

US EPA states: REuse a computer and monitor and eliminate over $670.00 of wasted energy, 147 lbs. water pollution, 333 lbs. CO2, 77 lbs. solid waste, 30 lbs. hazmat, and more!  Find out much more at  The Computers & Education nonprofit is an all-volunteer organization, administered in Santa Rosa, California.

Contact Information
Essaff Nancy
Santa Rosa

Exchange Bank

One of the most unique banks in the United States

The last will and testament of Exchange Bank’s co–founder and second president, Frank Doyle, stands tall above his many accomplishments. Doyle wanted the Bank to be a locally owned and managed institution. So rather than giving his stock to his heirs, his controlling interest (50.39% of the common stock) was put into a perpetual trust. The dividends are specified for distribution by the Trustees to the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund for assistance to “worthy young men and women attending Santa Rosa Junior College.”

The Doyle Trust has proven to be one of the most remarkable planned gifts in the history of American community college education. More than $76 million to over 115,000 students since 1948.

Traditional Medicinals

Providing the highest quality, organic herbal teas for over 40 years
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For forty years, we’ve been passionate about connecting people with the power of plants to change lives.

Rosemary Gladstar, a third generation herbalist, was raised close to the earth in the farmlands of Northern California. In the late 1960s, while living in the coastal redwood forest, she met community activist and environmentalist Drake Sadler. The young couple was part of a movement of back-to-the-land baby boomers seeking an alternative lifestyle, including natural foods and herbal remedies. Together, they shared a vision for the rebirth of herbalism in North America and a business philosophy based on environmental stewardship and social equity, and in 1974 they co-founded Traditional Medicinals.

At Traditional Medicinals we differentiate ourselves by our investment in the quality systems, research, testing and pharmacopoeial quality herbs. We are pioneers in the herbal wellness tea category and continue to lead the way.We don’t just make formulas because they sound good. Every tea and herbal product that we make must have sufficient evidence of safety, quality and efficacy in support of our claim statements and formulation rationale.

And we’re serious about sustainability. From our certified organic and non-GMO ingredients to our commitment to renewable energy, we represent the vanguard of environmental and social responsibility. In all we do, we strive to uphold the three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability.

We are committed to annual sustainability reporting, which allows assessment and rating by independent sustainability organizations. Our sustainability performance is being measured using metrics and standards developed by B Lab, the California Green Business Program, the Green America Green Business Network, and the Sustainable Food Trade Association.

We don’t just talk the talk – we want to walk the sustainable walk. To be a truly responsible business, we manage and measure our environmental impact and strive to minimize our footprint. The old adage “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is really true in our experience. Since our beginnings, we’ve been striving to minimize waste, prevent pollution and conserve resources. Working sustainably involves everyone at Traditional Medicinals®.

Here are a few of our sustainability highlights over the years:

  • 1974: Traditional Medicinals was founded in Guerneville, California
  • 1980: First U.S. manufacturer to market a range of organically and domestically grown herbal products
  • 1982: First U.S. manufacturer to market a range of herbal products packaged in cartons made from 100% recycled paperboard
  • 1992: Became a Green America Certified Business
  • 1998: Began to label herbal tea products with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients
  • 2004: Joined a global project TRAFFIC and WWF to help develop and implement the International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal Plants
  • 2008: Installed 1,450 solar panels and have since generated an average of 426,178 kWh of electricity annually
  • 2010: Became a Certified B Corporation
  • 2012: Increased the organic percentage of our botanical raw materials to 97% Achieved 100% Non-GMO Project Verification of our herbal tea products
  • 2014: Became an inaugural member of Sonoma Clean Power
Contact Information
Zoe Siegel

The Sonoma County Water Agency

Managing resources for people and the environment
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The mission of the Sonoma County Water Agency is to effectively manage the water resources in our care for the benefit of people and the environment through resource and environmental stewardship, technical innovation, and responsible fiscal management.  View the Water Agency's water policy statement.

Vision Statement

The Sonoma County Water Agency is a regional leader in water resources management. The Water Agency strives to look forward, beyond today's issues, to anticipate ways to advance its mission. Additionally, the Water Agency continues to adapt its mission in response to changing opportunities, keeping the Water Agency at the forefront of developments in the water industry.

Sustainability Achievements:

To meet the goals of the Carbon Free Water by 2015 Program, the Sonoma County Water Agency has implemented several energy production, energy efficiency, and sustainability projects.


We are the change management firm for organizations seeking enterprise-wide, systemic sustainability solutions.

Our sustainability consulting services enhance long-term competitive advantage and success because of our expertise in triple bottom line performance combined with deep experience in organizational change.

Most consultants do not integrate change management expertise with their technical solutions,nor do they help them achieve the kind of market leadership that is possible. While they make some impact, many of these efforts make little long-term change because they have not been integrated into the culture or the mindsets of the individuals within the organization.  True and long-lasting success requires attention to the strategy, behavior, practices, and processes that are at the core of an organization.

We have the ability to engage with organizations holistically, maximizing chances for success. By using time-tested organizational change methodologies, practical tools, and facilitation, organizations will find that their sustainability initiative can realize tremendous benefits in operational efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and industry leadership.

We have worked with Fortune500 companies small businesses, non-profits, foundations and government agencies around the world, and our tailored approaches yield long-lasting and tangible results.

We work with agents of change at the executive level and throughout the organization to achieve maximum results for their sustainability change effort.

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