This is the archive website for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. The site hosts archives for our events from 2007-2018.

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Since COVID-19 arrived we've stopped convening.


Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County

affordable housing

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope!

Contact Information
Jennifer Estrella
(707) 578-7707 ext. 111
Santa Rosa

Our Historic Moment

Explore the Global Vision, Trends and Solutions in "Our Historic Moment" (v2 coming July 2018)
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Our Historic Moment presents a vision for how all of us should be spending our time on the planet.  We:

  • Dive into our progress in four key areas: Renewables, Non-toxics, Ecological Abundance and Equity
  • Identify key barriers that have prevented us from moving forward toward the vision
  • Craft a framework on how to best drive change
  • Present a palette of solutions for a renewable, healthy, abundant and equitable world

Book is available at

2nd edition is coming late July 2018; pre-order now!

(Produced by inNative -

US Green Building Council - Redwood Empire Chapter

Green Building For All
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US Green Building Council Redwood Empire is a volunteer-based 501©(3) nonprofit organization. Our vision and mission is to improve the quality of life by transforming the design, composition, and operation of the places where we live, learn, work, and play within the short space of a generation. This mission means that our children and grandchildren will grow up in green and healthy homes.

Pachamama Alliance

Bringing forth a thriving, just and sustainable world that works for all.
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Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Contact Information
Lindsay Dyson
4155614522 x101
San Francisco

Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts

Supporting global artisan fair wages, healthy work environments and sustainable resource use
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For 16 years, Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts in downtown Santa Rosa has been offering beautiful handmade gifts made by artisans in developing countries. Fair trade means these craftspeople receive fair wages; work in clean, healthy work conditions; and use sustainable manufacturing processes. Each purchase helps send a child to school, provides medicine and strengthens communities. Thank you for building a better world through fair trade!

Contact Information
Julie Montgomery
Santa Rosa

Zero Waste Sonoma

It's time for a new goal, Zero Waste Sonoma.
Thursday, May 10, 2018
8:00am to 6:00pm
SOMO Village Event Center in Rohnert Park

The Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium will engage community stakeholders by showcasing zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure that design waste out of the system whenever possible and divert discarded materials through composting, reclaiming, reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We can eliminate waste in Sonoma County but not without the participation of all residents and businesses.  There are ecologically responsible options available for nearly every choice we make. Together, it is possible to set an example that encourages the rest of the nation to live sustainable lives. Folding Bike Shop

Functional folding bicycles for commuting, cargo hauling, and touring
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Since 2010, has been putting hundreds of people on bikes that travel -- folding bikes for every purpose including commuting, long-distance touring, and cargo-hauling. Extend your range! Put a folding bike in your trunk, or carry it with you on the train.

Contact Information
Geoffrey Smith,
Santa Rosa

Aligned Growth Partners

Global Advisors to Boards of Directors and Management

Aligned Growth Partners is a highly acclaimed team of former senior corporate and emerging growth company executives, each possessing decades of domestic and global business experience. We work directly with boards of directors, management, business owners, and private equity and venture capital firms.

The complementary expertise and operating and organizational experience of our partners enables us to work with client companies to create and execute highly innovative, sustainable strategic plans, organizational excellence imperatives and operational execution plans, solidly framed with essential alignment, execution and accountability that enhances your business culture and your growth. Our commitment is clear: We deliver results beyond your expectations.

Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority

Efficient buildings, clean energy, alternative transportation and conservation/adaptation.
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The Regional Climate Protection Authority, RCPA, was formed in 2009 to coordinate countywide climate protection efforts among Sonoma County’s nine cities and multiple agencies. The RCPA fosters collaboration, helps to set goals, pools resources, formalizes partnerships, and works across silos. The RCPA aims to create local solutions to complement State, Federal, and private sector actions – all showing that a better future with lower emissions is possible.

Contact Information
Brant Arthur
Santa Rosa

Community Resilience Challenge (Daily Acts)

Community Resilience Challenge
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The Community Resilience Challenge is our chance to show the world that our daily actions matter and that WE are part of the solution. From mid-March through the end of May each year, our community comes together to accomplish awe-inspiring feats of sustainability, which tell the story of community resilience and paints a picture of our movement. YOU can play a vital role in this story’s success and participation is easy. Just visit our website and register your commitment to take action (we’ve even created a suggested list of actions to choose from, or you can create your own!). By joining the Challenge, not only are you helping to grow the movement, but you get great incentives and coupons just for signing up. There’s never been a better time to Stand Up and Be Counted!

Contact Information
Susan Price

Sustainable World Coalition

We provide programs and materials to clarify the big picture with sustainability — issues and solutions
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We publish the Sustainable World Sourcebook, an award-winning, magazine-style summary of the big issues, best solutions, and actions to take. We also host online programs and events. Our recent initiative, Planet Earth Arts, uses eco-arts to foster inspiration and engagement (  

Contact Information
Vinit Allen
Hidden Valley Lake

Schools of Sustainability

Working with youth to inspire and strengthen sustainability in education locally and around the world.

What should we be educating about for the future?

SOS is an organization devoted to exploring this question and how it pertains to our ability to sustain ourselves on this planet. We are making a feature length documentary film, offering sustainability/filmmaking workshops and curriculum to schools, and creating a sustainability-themed youth-based social network for kids to share their ideas and visions for the future of the planet.

Contact Information
Marika Ramsden

Create Peace Project

Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration - Peace Building Through Art
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Create Peace Project (CPP) raises the voices and visions of youth to stand for an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spirtually fulfilling human presence on the planet.  An innovative, cutting-edge program, CPP has empowered 40,000 young people from 50 countries through creative collaboration to become peace leaders.  The Singing Tree Project is one of its signature programs.

Contact Information
Laurie Marshall

Solar Works

We provide energy efficient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual and community self-reliance
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Solar Works is a full-service, licensed solar contractor, providing high quality solar systems for home, business and community. We offer expert inhouse design and installation, extraordinary customer service, and the best warranty service in the solar industry. We have been in business since 1986 and are a Certified B Corporation.

Solar Works gives people the power to make a difference. As Sonoma County’s longest-established solar provider, Solar Works helps homeowners, businesses and communities become more self-reliant by meeting their energy needs efficiently, effectively and in ways that are good for the planet. We are a local employer, active in our community, and dedicated to social and economic justice and a healthy environment.

Contact Information
Laura Goldman

Cocoa Logos

Regenerative business, food as clean functional medicine, direct sourcing, education and community outreach.
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Beyond Organic

Fair Trade

Regeneratively Sourced -

Stone Ground

Locally Made


Small Batch

Pure Ingredients

Healthy and Delicious

Private Labeling Platform

Contact Information
Brent Willett

Global Student Embassy (GSE)

Global Student Embassy is a youth leadership and environmental education organization founded in Sonoma County.
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Global Student Embassy (GSE) was founded by brothers Lucas and Jasper Oshun in 2008 in Sebastopol to inspire young people to become environmental stewards, social innovators, and community leaders. In collaboration with international peers, students generate and implement powerful community-based solutions to shared ecological concerns.

GSE offers a comprehensive program of cultural exchange and project-based learning rooted in solving urgent ecological problems while building sustainable local and international communities. Across Northern California (Sonoma, Marin, Contra Costa & Santa Cruz), Ecuador and Nicaragua, GSE works with over 2,500 high school, university and middle school students as well as the educators and communities supporting their schools.

Organic school gardens and nature preserves serve as outdoor classrooms to develop students’ environmental literacy and project management skills. Through inquiry-based workshops, students gain an understanding of complex issues related to environmental justice, preservation/restoration, and sustainable agriculture as they relate to the local and global communities.

 GSE’s annual reciprocal exchanges between the US and Latin America bring together young leaders to build relationships and represent their year round leadership programs. Our programs powerfully connect youth from different cultures to share values, strategies, and skills as they partner on local projects. Through collaboration students inspire one another by seeing that there are many other motivated young changemakers across the globe.

GSE programs catalyze individuals to become social entrepreneurs, grow the network of champions for environmental and social justice, and take action to restore our eco-systems.

Contact Information
Lucas Oshun

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+

Vertical Gardening on Tower Garden that uses aeroponic technology to grow fruits & veggies on your patio or roof top..

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+:

State of the art vertical aeroponic growing system perfect for patios, balconies, rooftops and any sunny place outside. * 

  • EFFECIENT:Grows 20 plants in just 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet of space
  • ECO FRIENDLY:Uses 10% of the water and land required by traditional garden
  • EASY: Easy to assemble, no weeding, tilling or kneeling
  • COST: EFFECTIVE:Lasts a lifetime and easily pays for itself in about 2 years
  • SAFE: Made from USDA-approved UV- stabilized, good grade plastic.

* Used inside this winter w vertical grow lights mounted on the tomato cage with grow produce all winter.




Contact Information
Janie Read
Santa Rosa

City of Santa Rosa

Our mission is to help Santa Rosa businesses grow and succeed.
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The City of Santa Rosa is the North Bay's premier location for technology and entrepreneurial businesses. As a business and service hub, Santa Rosa is the economic engine that drives the region. Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, you'll find a vibrant city overflowing with all you love about California.

Our restaurant business is booming, along with agriculture, high-tech, biomedical, education, environmental and, of course, tourism. Santa Rosans have a deep appreciation for the arts, education, conscientious business development and quality living.

The City of Santa Rosa offers a one-stop permitting process, easy access to Economic Development program staff and Community Development staff, collaborative partnerships with key business players; from our local chambers of commerce, our higher education institutes, brokers, benchmark industries, and community organizations to a global venture community, just to name a few. Whatever your needs, we look forward to assisting you!

Contact Information
Danielle O'Leary
Santa Rosa

Centerpoint Investment Strategies

Socially Responsible/Impact Investing

Centerpoint Investment Strategies is dedicated to serving wealth with conscious purpose and is committed to building "True Wealth" through conscious investing.

We accomplish this by engaging our clients to invest their money in ways that reflect their values, personally inspire them, and actualize their financial goals. In addition, they can expect to work with like-minded individuals committed to bringing about positive change on the planet.

Contact Information
Stuart Valentine

Golden State HR

Golden State HR offers a full array of employment and development support services for the California-based business.
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Golden State HR provides what every small California business wants:

  • Comfort that employment practices are legally compliant
  • Best HR practice that facilitates processes effectively and     efficiently
  • Advice and help when you need it
  • HR management that supports maximum employee productivity and satisfaction
  • A business partner that understands your business and works for your success
  • Affordable rates
  • A trusted resource for all HR business matters
Contact Information
Cathy Taylor

Sustainable Progress Consulting

Sustainable business consulting and education

Today leading edge organizations are rethinking core competencies, demanding and achieving breakthrough efficiencies, and conditioning for resilience in the face of inevitable change. Sustainable Progress provides consulting services to these leading organizations to help them create a sustainable future and improve their triple-bottom-line performance; where business, the environment, and people prosper.  We help people understand and apply sustainability principles in practical, common sense ways, and provide systematic approaches to produce measurable improvement in financial, environmental, and social performance.

Services include: opportunity assessments, greenhouse gas inventories and reduction strategies, executive briefings, workshops, environmental and sustainability management system assistance, project management, and coaching for employees and managers who want to find ways to bring sustainability into their workplace, and those transitioning their career toward sustainability.

Clients include business, nonprofits and colleges.

Contact Information
Susan Briski
(707) 548-2704
Santa Rosa

Sunspeed Enterprises

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in rural California
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Getting to and from the coast in an Electric Vehicle (EV) is a difficult task, the chargers just don't exist.  So Sunspeed Enterprises filling the gap with the Pacific Coast SunTrail - a series of EV charging hubs along California's rural Pacific Coast Highway 1.  The hubs will have DC Fast chargers and Level-2 medium speed chargers, will accept standard credit cards, use 100% renewable energy, and be located at towns, inns, resorts, and restaurants where drivers can refresh themselves while their cars recharge.

Contact Information
Richard Sachen
Point Reyes Station

LED Global Systems, LLC

LED Lightingprovides a significant Power & Carbon Foot Print Reduction, elimination of toxins better lighting, & rebates

LED Global Systems, LLC is a global leader/provider of LED lighting products for the commerical market.  The replacement or retrofitting of existing fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and other lights and fixtures, provides better lighting, significant savings, dramatic degrease in power consumption, eliminates toxings, lowers your carbon foot print, provides a significant reduction in labor, as well as the quickest return on investment compared to any other sustainable product or service. We replace lighting in commercial blds, warehouses, distribution centers, transportation, all interior and exterior applications from T8 tube replacement to exterior parking lot lighting, ships, and more.  LED Global Systems, LLC Corporate headquarters is based in Florida, with the west coast division office in Santa Rosa, Ca.  We support clients nationwide from supermarkets, to the local commercial retail store, and are proud to be a Sonoma County base business.

Contact Information
Peter Richard
Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Food System Alliance

Food System, Agriculture, Economic Vitality, Natural Resources, Social Equity, Healthy Eating, Public Health
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The Sonoma County Food System Alliance (FSA) is a county-based coalition of diverse stakeholders working collaboratively to envision, advocate for and create a vibrant local food system. We envision a system in which local growers and processors are economically viable, the physical environment is maintained, and consumers have access to healthy, affordable food.

Convened in partnership by Ag Innovations Network and the County of Sonoma in 2009, the FSA is a powerful forum to confront and resolve local food system issues by identifying and implementing key strategies and effective action.  

Building upon existing work of the FSA, the Food Action Plan (FAP) provides a shared community vision and goals for our local food system. Strategies in the FAP incorporate the findings from the Community Food Assessment and Sonoma County Food Forum Report. The FAP invites local governments businesses, community organizations and individuals into dialogue and action to improve our food system. 

As a road map, the FAP serves as a framework to guide collaboration and integrate the efforts of diverse food system stakeholders. As a guide, it serves to catalyze policy change, encourage investment and raise awareness and support from our community and policymakers. The FAP groups opportunities and concerns into 4 action areas (Pillars). Within each area, key goals are articulated and details of policies and recommendations are enumerated into sub-goals. In total, the FAP incorporates 11 broad food system goals and 42 sub-goals across the 4 Pillars.

Contact Information
Lisa Badenfort

Slow Food Russian River

Help us create a food system of Good, Clean, and Fair food
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Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic organization that supports a bio diverse sustainable food supply, local producers, heritage foodways, and rediscovery of the pleasures of the table. Carlo Petrini founded Slow Food as a response to the opening of a McDonald's in Rome's historic Piazza di Spagna in 1986. Since then, Slow Food has grown in to a international movement with more than 80,000 members in 130 countries world wide.

Slow Food Russian River is one of 150 convivia in the USA to carry out the Slow Food mission at the local level. We support and promote the food traditions that are part of the cultural identity of this country. Please join us as we work to celebrate and sustain the agricultural and culinary traditions of people around the world. Check our our local Programs.

Our Convivium brings people together to enjoy the pleasures of life while promoting and protecting the artisanal producers of food and wine within the greater region of the Russian River watershed. Essential to this purpose is the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, the foundation upon which our artisans practice their craft. The Convivium also works with other convivia from our region, the nation and planet to support Slow Food projects worldwide.

Green Key Commercial

Healthy Buildings~Greener Business~Smart Investments
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With its commitment to sustainable business practices, Green Key Commercial, a full service management and leasing company, maximizes clients’ investments, collaborates with owners and tenants to enhance the environment, and adds value to local communities. Green Key’s mission will contribute to long-term economic growth and environmental health of the North Bay.

Contact Information
Carolyn Pistone

Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority

Coordinate countywide efforts to implement and advocate a broad range of programs and projects to reduce GHG emissions.
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Climate Action 2020 builds on prior commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a community-wide climate action plan for all communities in Sonoma County. The regional framework creates an efficient and consistent approach to address climate change but allows local governments to adopt locally appropriate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides information about local climate hazards and what Sonoma County communities can do to prepare. The Public Review Draft Climate Action Plan is now available to review online (

Contact Information
Lauren Casey
Santa Rosa

RSF Social Finance

Transforming the way the world works with money
Social Media

RSF Social Finance is a nonprofit financial services organization dedicated to transforming the way the world works with money. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, RSF offers investing, lending, and giving services that generate positive social and environmental impact while fostering community and collaboration among participants. In partnership with our investors and donors, RSF has made $275 million in loans and over $130 million in grants since 1984 to for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises working in the areas of Food & Agriculture, Education & the Arts, and Ecological Stewardship. Underlying all our work is a spirited conversation about the role that money can play in the development of humanity.

Contact Information
Mark Herrera
(415) 561-6160
San Francisco

Green Mary

Event Waste Diversion and EcoEducation, advancing reuse, maximizing compost, activating the community.
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Mary Munat has been doing event waste diversion in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly ten years now.  With over 500 events greened, from small weddings to music festivals drawing over half a million people, she and her large Green Team focus on systems in working with producers, venue operators and municipalities.  Education receives great emphasis through clear signage, Earth Tips featuring action-based lessons, training volunteers and teaching attendees how to live lighter on the planet while out at public events.  The company manages everything from bringing in containers for compost, recycling and landfill to full venue clean up, sorting every bag as they go to maximize soil making through composting and minimize trash to overflowing landfills.

Contact Information
Mary Munat
Santa Rosa

Presidio Graduate School

MBA, MPA, Dual Degree and Certificate Programs in Sustainable Management
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Presidio Graduate School educates and inspires a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world. Through innovative MBA, MPA, Dual Degree and Certificate programs in Sustainable Management, PGS activates students and professionals across a range of disciplines, industries and sectors to bridge the gap between commerce and the common good. To learn more, visit

Contact Information
Kari Dorth
San Francisco
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