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Quantifying Sustainability - Beyond Footprint Calculators

2nd Floor - Bennett
Sustainability is a numbers game ... increase what needs to be increased and decrease what needs to be decreased. So how sustainable is your lifestyle? How sustainable are the products you buy? Increasingly customers want to know. Unfortunately, sustainability metrics can be very hard to come by and footprint calculators are often too abstract. As a business owner, manufacturer or retailer, how does your business/product rate on a truly comprehensive sustainability rating scale? It's time we mainstreamed sustainability as a purchase criteria. Join Mark Westwind to look at the challenge of quantifying sustainability and explore how the convergence of consumer demand, Big Data and intelligent technologies can be leveraged to influence markets to sustainable choices. Then participate in an interactive "focus group" conversation about his latest project: the One Planet Sustainability Rating System powered by ImpactTrackr, an AI-driven platform for creating impact profiles and sustainability ratings for every product, every purchase, every place.


Technology to help companies easily involve employees and customers in philanthropy.
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Givkwik is transforming philanthropy for the next generation. We make it easy for anyone to discover good causes. You can simply give your opinion through our voting widget or you can donate as much or as little as you want through our 'giv' button, to virtually any charity at any time. We're a tech company that makes it easy to connect people and businesses with nonprofits. We want to make giving more affordable for everyone, so that anyone can become a philanthropist. For nonprofits, we make it easy to promote your mission and find new donors and corporate sponsors. For businesses, we make it a snap to get your employees and customers involved in your corporate philanthropy.  This is a solution for anyone who wants to give - with friends, with employees, with customers.

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Jason Rosado
San Francisco


Bluebird is a technology firm that helps good people achieve great things.
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Bluebird is a technology firm that helps good people achieve great things. We are a cross-functional team with a unique dynamic - as entrepreneurs ourselves, we see things holistically and bring fresh insights to each other and to our clients.

Technology can be intimidating, and Bluebird makes it approachable. We act as “technical founder for hire” while providing web production services for our clients. We can build a mobile app to spec for Google, or we can take your idea from concept to market.

Community lies at the heart of our strategy, including training local talent, hosting educational events, and providing support to our favorite cultural institutions. As leaders of the local trade association, Web & Interactive Media Professionals (WIMP), Bluebird is always able to find the right person for the job and scale as necessary.

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Joshua Simmons
Rohnert Park
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