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Quantifying Sustainability - Beyond Footprint Calculators

2nd Floor - Bennett
Sustainability is a numbers game ... increase what needs to be increased and decrease what needs to be decreased. So how sustainable is your lifestyle? How sustainable are the products you buy? Increasingly customers want to know. Unfortunately, sustainability metrics can be very hard to come by and footprint calculators are often too abstract. As a business owner, manufacturer or retailer, how does your business/product rate on a truly comprehensive sustainability rating scale? It's time we mainstreamed sustainability as a purchase criteria. Join Mark Westwind to look at the challenge of quantifying sustainability and explore how the convergence of consumer demand, Big Data and intelligent technologies can be leveraged to influence markets to sustainable choices. Then participate in an interactive "focus group" conversation about his latest project: the One Planet Sustainability Rating System powered by ImpactTrackr, an AI-driven platform for creating impact profiles and sustainability ratings for every product, every purchase, every place.
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