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AB 963 - Environmental Preference in Purchasing

Existing law governs contracting between state agencies and private contractors, and sets forth requirements for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, and services, and the acquisition of information technology goods and services by state agencies. This bill would require a bidder’s record of environmentally preferable purchasing, as defined, to be a factor in awarding a contract under a request for proposal, as specified.

Growing Profits: Sonoma County Healthy & Sustainable Food Opportunities

Zeno Swijtink of Slow Food Russian River hosts a discussion about new business opportunities in sustainable agriculture and food in the North Bay with Lisa Badenfort of Ag Innovations, Jana Hill, Program Planning Analyst of the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, community foods advocate Helen Kwon, and Karen Foley, Founder and CEO of Foodie Crowd Funding. Starting with a presentation of the Sonoma County Healthy & Sustainable Food Action Plan and California's "Cottage Food Law" (California Homemade Food Act, AB 1616), this dialog contributes to a food system in the North Bay that is good (soul), clean (environment), and fair (community). You can view the action plan attached below.

Mulch Madness: Grow Local Businesses and Harvest Community Engagement

The innovative “Mulch Madness” program, spearheaded by the City of Petaluma’s Water Conservation department has successfully converted 10 acres of “thirsty” lawn. This talk candidly adresses the successes and challenges of the Mulch Madness program and it's catalytic potential to boost local businesses and the economy while inspiring deeper community engagement. We'll hear from Will Bakx at Sonoma Compost, Dave Iribarne from the City of Petaluma, and Trathen Heckman and Erin Axelrod from Daily Acts on the inspiring array of impacts these programs can have in our communities. They will speak to the importance of such collaborative and innovative approaches and share key insights as to how to successfully implement similar programs at businesses and municipalities in Sonoma County and elsewhere. Are you ready to join the mulch madness movement?

Power Hour: Business Opportunities of Sonoma Clean Power

Key decisions are being made about Sonoma Clean Power, a game-changing proposed program to buy and generate electricity for businesses and residents. This local initiative promises to remake the energy landscape and create new opportunities for businesses to increase profitability. Fifth District County Supervisor Efren Carrillo will describe the steps taken to date, and a panel of local business leaders will discuss their experiences with renewable energy development and the prospects for new opportunities with Sonoma Clean Power. Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Implementation Manager for the Climate Protection Campaign, will moderate the session.

Conscious Capitalism & Working for Good: Foundations for Innovation & Sustainability

Through stories, conversation and active practice, Jeff brings the idea of Conscious Capitalism to life and illuminates its power to create more resilient, sustainable and healthy businesses, and to elevate humanity. Jeff will also engage participants with the practical skills of Working for Good, to expand their awareness and enhance their functioning at work. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the philosophy and framework of Conscious Capitalism, and its implications for themselves, their teams and their businesses, and with practical tools they can apply in their work, on Monday!

Building Sustainable Enterprises in the North Bay

Sustainable Enterprises are quickly becoming a critical foundation to our vibrant and thriving North Bay economy. State Assemblymen Marc Levine will join Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics Dean Bill Silver and newly appointed Codding Entrepreneur in Residence Mark Nelson for a panel discussion on how the North Bay can encourage, build and support strong sustainable businesses and institutions. The discussion will cover current legislative policy, sustainable and entrepreneurial trends in education, and highlight how entrepreneurs can and will lead a growing green economy. Please join our panelists and determine how you can help drive "triple bottom line" results for your local community.
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