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iHub Enterprise Accelerator - May 1, 2015


Daring to dream? What heights could your organization achieve if it were truly an innovation machine?

For executives and active entrepreneurs aspiring to maximize the positive impact of their organizations through innovation and by integrating triple bottom line practices, Sustainable North Bay and the North Bay iHub present the iHub Enterprise Accelerator. This three hour workshop will connect participants with the region’s leaders in designing innovative organizations.

Activities will include:

  • Growing an Innovation Culture in your organization
  • Lean Launch--Designing and prototyping an innovation, and
  • Stakeholder Resourcing--attracting finances, stakeholder commitments and key talent

You will be challenged to strive to accomplish the impossible while keeping your feet grounded to market realities and fundamental human needs.

Register here. Tickets are $35. Hosted coffee service and networking at 8:30am, event starts at 9am and ends at 12pm. Optional networking lunch will be available.