The 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Conference will be May 7, 2020 at SOMO Village.

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Sustainable Practices and Technologies Are Improving Our Companies and Our Lives

March 22, Rohnert Park, CA - Technologies and innovations are exploding around the world in hackathons, startups and in the hearts of small and large enterprises like Sonoma County’s Bamblu, Enphase  and Medtronics. Some of today's most exciting new startups are built around sustainable products and green manufacturing which have many advantages for businesses big and small. Sustainable businesses can be a source of job growth during a down economy; they can lower operating costs as well as environmental impacts; and they can lessen our dependency on fossil fuels by diversifying the energy sources we use.

Now in our 12th year the Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a place where community, regional and state leaders can meet with academic and business leaders to explore how sustainable practices and technologies can and are improving our lives.

Consider these facts:

  • California is the fourth-most energy productive economy in the world and the state leads the nation in key cleantech indicators, like clean tech patents and investment.

  • California’s sustainable policies and innovative practices have resulted in substantial environmental gains.

  • California’s solar industry provides nearly half the nation’s solar energy increasing over 1,500 percent between 2009 and 2016  

  • California’s average monthly residential electricity bill was 20 percent lower than the U.S. average due to higher levels of energy efficiency.

  • California had 1.8 times as much economic activity per unit of energy consumed as the rest of the country.

  • On a world scale, France, California and Italy remained the three least carbon intensive economies in the world

  • In the nation’s breadbasket, San Joaquin Valley, California climate and clean air initiatives have led to more than $13 billion in net economic benefits.

  • California has spawned new businesses at one of the fastest rates in the nation over the last decade, and faster than the U.S. economy overall 

The green marketplace is challenging but rich with rewards for those who persist commercializing their green technologies and innovations, developing new market niches, raising money, and finding staff. We bring our community together on April 5, 2017 to discover what is working, how you can build a successful, sustainable enterprise and who can help you.

Who Should Attend:

  • Educators and students with an interest in entrepreneurship and sustainable enterprise.

  • Entrepreneurs who are considering, planning or starting new enterprises.

  • Individuals ready to improve the sustainability of their enterprise.

  • Anyone who wants to keep up with developments in the environment and green technology.

  • Professionals and consultants who are engaging in sustainable innovation.

  • Public officials who are responsible for the design and implementation of public policy.

  • Anyone seeking an opportunity to network with North Bay leaders across industries and sectors who are committed to social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Through interactive presentations and discussions, individuals will learn about the latest in green economic development trends and opportunities within the North Bay. You can join the regional leaders who are setting the pace for a sustainable future.