The 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Conference will be May 7, 2020 at SOMO Village.

We've deployed a new webite for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a Regional Summit and an innovation space on the frontier of the future.

March 14, Rohnert Park, CA - Technologies and innovations are exploding around the world in hackathons, startups and in the hearts of small and large enterprises. Some of today's most exciting new startups are built around sustainable products and green manufacturing, which have many advantages for businesses big and small. Sustainable businesses can be a source of job growth during a down economy; they can lower operating costs as well as environmental costs; and they can lessen our dependency on fossil fuels by diversifying the energy sources we use.

Now in our 12th year we are a place where community, regional and state leaders can meet with academic and business leaders to explore how sustainable practices and technologies can and are improving our lives.

We know that the green marketplace is challenging, and many new ventures have difficulty commercializing their  green technologies and innovations, developing new market niches, raising money, and finding staff.

We bring our community together on April 5, 2017, in one place to discover what is working, how you can build a successful enterprise, and who can help you.

We are pleased to announce several North Bay innovators who will inspire you to connect to thrive during the 1 day summit:

Leadership Guru Dr. William Silver, Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University, will show how we can all become catalysts for a collaborative thriving North Bay economy.

Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Palo Alto and one of the 10 most influential sustainability voices in the US will help you to develop metrics and performance indicators that resonate with your organization’s needs.

Community Visionary Trathen Heckman, Board President of Transition U.S. will inspire us with his stories of innovations that harness the power of nature and local self-reliance from installing community food forests to dozens of greywater systems and planting hundreds of gardens in a weekend through the 350 Home and Garden Challenge.

Environmental leader Dr. Claudia Luke will share her WATERS research and education at regional collaborations that address watershed management, habitat connectivity, restoration, and education.

Global Youth Visionaries Marika Ramsden, founder of Schools of Sustainability and Claudia Sisomphou will assure that we engage with youth so that the voices of the shapers of the future around the world are a key part of our plans and actions.

Director of Sustainability at Jackson Family Wines, Julien Gervreau will show us how you can set a strategy with focus on water and energy efficiency, onsite renewable energy generation, GHG emissions reductions, and waste diversion.

Social Media expert Nick Aster, Founder of will share  news and ideas on how business can be used to make the world a better place.

SOMO Living CEO Brad Baker will share his plans for a deeply sustainable, mixed-use community planned to feature commercial space, provide 4,400 jobs along with convenient daily services to the community of residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

Edward L. Quevedo, J.D. Senior Partner with Aligned Growth Partners will share his many years of experience as a leader in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability practice. His past clients have included BMW, Applied Materials, Gallo Family Vineyards, Avaya Systems and the cities of Amsterdam and Santa Cruz.

Community Engager Oscar Chavez, Sonoma County Department of Human Services will  explain how ties between the county's low wealth neighborhoods, public entities and the business community can reframe the education, health and income disparities that exist in our communities.

Community Organizer and Founder of Sustainable North Bay, Oren Wool will work with us to weave a visual tapestry for connecting so that each person participating in the summit can contribute their insights to the overall picture for all at the end of the summit.

Don’t pass up on this chance to meet thought leaders and industry experts important to your business and career. Come and participate in improving local economy and strengthening your ties to the community.