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North Bay Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Jan 22 - North Bay Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Santa Rosa, California, Tuesday, January 14, 2014 – The Sustainable Enterprise Conference announced that they will host an evening Sustainability Salon with dinner on Wednesday, January 22 at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, CA. The salon topic is Source Local - North Bay Manufacturing.

In their Manufacturing Industry Report the Sonoma County Economic Development Board called out the mutual exchange of ideas among companies, trade groups and institutions as a key action to improve opportunities for North Bay manufacturers. This salon will make the case for supporting North Bay manufacturing and show how Supply Chain Innovation and Life-Centered Design can create a market advantage.

"Good design is not necessarily human-centered design. Every aspect of design, sourcing, manufacturing, use and finally the products' upcycling can and must foster life,” said Dr Sudeep Rao. "Life-Centered Design such as "Cradle to Cradle" yields healthy commerce where products, rather than having smaller and smaller footprints, blaze trails of beauty and health for all making us fall deeply in love with them.”

“We present Paul Stark and Sudeep Rao for the educational program and will introduce North Bay Manufacturing case studies for discussion,” said Oren Wool, Event Director. “The salon format is designed to encourage meaningful exchange of ideas and professional networking in a North Bay focused environment.”

Paul Stark is the Regional Manager for The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence, or Manex Consulting, servicing small and mid-size manufacturers in Northern California. We'll hear about his work with La Tortilla Factory; increasing inventory turns and implementing a new scheduling system to eliminate the need for an additional warehouse and increase throughput, resulting in better inventory management and reduced paperwork.

Dr. Sudeep Rao is the Regional Director for EPEA San Francisco offering technical, management and strategic consulting services for chemical process optimization, Cradle to Cradle certification and manufacturing systems design. Dr. Rao has designed biomimetic materials using green chemistry and brings 25+ years of combined experience in the business, academic, nonprofit, government and industrial environments.

FREE for students - just $25 with dinner - generously underwritten by AspenAir, Exchange Bank and Summit State Bank in support of the Sustainability Salon and Sustainable North Bay.  


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