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Inspiring Conference for Aspiring Environmentalist

* by Annelise Dohrer * When you are fighting for the environment it can sometimes feel like you are alone. Convincing people to make lifestyle changes to conserve energy, and reduce pollution is an overwhelming battle. To make matters worse, historically, the people with money and power are not interested in subjects like endangered species, carbon emissions or water quality- unless they are making them money. So not only are their a limited amount of people who care, but also the people who do care tend to be the people with less money. But for the first time ever, while at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at the SOCO Nexus in Rohnert Park, I was in a place where EVERYONE was concerned with  the well being of the environment - students, professionals and community members alike. I found just the sheer number of people at the event very rewarding. The large energetic crowd affirmed that I am not alone. 

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