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Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2012 Greening Program

Santa Rosa, CA—The Sustainable Enterprise Conference announces that it has created and is implementing a comprehensive greening program to ensure the conference location and logistics align with its environmental values and aspirations. Julie Montgomery is the Founder of Sage Principles, a sustainability consulting business in Sonoma County that helps small- and medium-sized businesses improve their environmental, and therefore financial, performance. She joined the conference production team this year as greening director.

“The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is Sonoma County’s premier resource for sustainability, education and networking, and I’m excited to be working to help reduce the amount of energy, water, and waste,” said Montgomery.  

Because venue is such an integral part of any greening program, the Sustainable Enterprise Conference is pleased to once again use the facilities at Sonoma Mountain Village, a 200-acre, mixed-use, 100 percent solar powered, zero-waste community in Rohnert Park, California. This environmentally conscious redevelopment of a former technology campus is internationally recognized as one of world’s greenest communities.

Sally Tomatoes Café and Bar, lead by Gerard Guidice and located at Sonoma Mountain Village, will cater the event with delicious, locally sourced, fresh food and beverages. This local caterer and recipient of the 2011 Business Environmental Alliance’s Best Practices Award for their efforts in greener business practices will also be overseeing the waste, recycling, and composting activities.

Bottles and cans from the event are donated to Sonoma State University’s Rotary Club for recycling. Vegetable scraps are collected and donated to Pepper Ranch Poultry in Rohnert Park for  chicken feed. Yokayo Biofuel takes all the used oil generated from the café to create biofuel. In addition, there will be no Styrofoam, plasticware, or disposable water bottles at the conference.

Conference organizers, speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are asked to contribute to a greener event through online and e-mail communications and are provided information on carpooling, bringing personal beverage cups and recycling plastic name badges.

At this year’s conference, special emphasis has been placed on reducing paper usage. Registration for the conference is entirely online. Where paper is required, New Leaf Paper, a leader in the paper industry in the development and distribution of environmentally superior printing and office papers, is the 2012 sponsor. 

“We’ve looked at every process and stakeholder associated with the conference and worked to ensure that each component is as green as possible,” Montgomery said. “Each year we strive to improve as we all move together toward a more sustainable future. That is the purpose of the conference and the goal of the greening program.”

Now in its 7th year, the day-long Sustainable Enterprise Conference is dedicated to helping North Bay businesses and organizations transition to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. This year’s program theme, Collaborating for a Sustainable Future, provides insights for organizations and individuals seeking the latest information on how innovation and sustainability will drive the economy while preserving the resources needed for an environmentally responsible and prosperous future.