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1st annual youth summit

Young people are our future, that’s for sure. But that’s not all, the next generation is full of potential, joy in innovation and motivation. Maybe some don’t know this yet and maybe some know exactly what to do to create a better future. However we want to show you possibilities, stimulations and best practices to engage for a sustainable living.

Our event Future Makers Sustainable North Bay Youth Summit on Saturday, May 2 will help you to discover what area of sustainability fits best to your interests and how to put your ideas into action. We won’t bore you with hours full of speeches, this is about taking action and participate. We want to introduce you to some really inspiring personalities from our Future Makers event. Maybe you’ve heard about one of them.

Lucas Oshun (of Global Student Embassy)
Aaron Ableman (one of the creators of Pacha's Pajamas)

You’ll also hear Dr. Robert Girling from Sonoma State University who is organizer of the SEC and author of the book “The good Company”. The book tells stories of over 20 inspiring companies that do what is right by their employees, their communities and the planet.

During lunchtime you’ll meet the team of Switch vehicles and have a look at their cars. And of course there will be a lot of music, food and interactions. Take the chance to be a pioneer and be one of the first to attend the annual youth summit.

Kyla Ehrenreich

Family Practice Physician Assistant and Pediatric Wellness Specialist

Conservation Corps North Bay

Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB) was established in 1982 as America’s first local conservation corps and is a national leader in the local corps movement.  Our mission is to develop youth and conserve natural resources for a strong, sustainable community. For the past 28 years, our organization has helped thousands of young people break the cycle of poverty, while improving local parklands and communities, cultivating strong environmental leaders, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Each year our Corpsmember Development program provides more than 120 predominantly high-risk young adults, ages 18–28, with the job training, education, and social services needed to transform their lives, while making a difference in local communities and public lands. Our corpsmembers help reduce fire/flood hazards, construct/maintain trails, restore riparian/wildlife habitat, and collect more than 75 tons of recyclable materials annually. 

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