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SpaciousEconomy Media serves the sustainability enterprise with web video and integrated social marketing expertise. From entrepreneurs and local businesses to organic farms to innovative arts groups, we are grateful for you. We leverage story and image via web video production, integrated social media and marketing expertise, and boots-on-the-ground video increase brand engagement, website performance, and exposure for sustainability enterprises and the entire sector in the valuable form of audience engagement today - web video. We continue to innovate and experiment with our business model to increase access to web video, our FarmShorts project is a great example. 

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Driving Economic Development with a Sustainability Agenda

Chris Yalonis, "Driving Economic Development with a Sustainability Agenda" - SEC 2013
This workshop introduces a county/regional economic development model that is starting to prove fruitful in driving the sustainability agenda. It combines business chambers (network, funding, outreach, education, tools), a local academic institution (community college or CSU) (training, education, student-led green business assessment and certification process), incubator (start-up facility, advisory services) and green business certification program entity (county or city office). These elements combine to drive localized networking, business attraction and retention, recognition, resources, education. The workshop will include a case example in San Rafael and Marin, involving the Chamber, the City and county staffs, educational entities, the incubator Venture Greenhouse and volunteer business services. This public-private partnership model seeks to drive sustainable business practices among the 600 chamber members, 10% of whom are green certified and growing.

A Sustainable Approach to Health Care: Petaluma Health Center PLAY Program

Kyla Ehrenreich, "A Sustainable Approach to Health Care" - Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2013
The essence of a sustainable health care system begins with empowering youth to make healthy lifestyle choices today to prevent chronic disease in the future. In the United States, obesity-related illnesses such as hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer are among the leading causes of preventable death. A Center for Disease Control (CDC) report in 2008 states medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. The Petaluma Health Center (PHC) embraces sustainable, preventive healthcare by offering a variety of wellness programs that target obesity and chronic disease prevention. Kyla Ehrenreich will give an overview of the sustainable healthcare practices at PHC with a focus on Petaluma Loves Active Youth (PLAY), an innovative program for children and their families who are at risk for chronic diseases. PLAY empowers youth to take control of their health by educating them about nutritious dietary choices and engagement in daily physical activity. PLAY collaborates with Petaluma Bounty, a local organic farm, to provide the families with nutritious food and access to valuable education about food sustainability.

The Role of Transformation in Sustainable Enterprise

Julianne Maurseth, "The Role of Transformation in Sustainable Enterprise" - SEC 2013
What is transformation? What are the roles of personal transformation and transformative leadership in sustainable enterprise? Personal transformation involves examination of one’s values, beliefs, frameworks and tendencies and then using that increased awareness to change your own patterns of thinking and behavior to be a change agent. The benefits of personal transformation include: unique perspective, greater autonomy, and improved decision-making, all which contribute to becoming a transformational leader in sustainable enterprise. Transformation of oneself and of enterprise are essential for ensuring 1) an ongoing ability to influence target markets and 2) resilience in the face of increased complexity and competition, inevitable, economic and policy upheavals and rising customer expectations.

Expanding Sustainable Practices Classes to ALL Schools

Len Greenwood, "Expanding Sustainable Practices to ALL Schools" - Sustainable Enterprise Conference
Montgomery High School Green Academy is a pathway that focus on Construction Technology, Alternative Energy Applications, Environmental Awareness, and Sustainability. The program goal is to bring in students who may not feel successful in a traditional academic curriculum, but prefer a more applied and hands-on approach to learning standard based course work. This program provides students actual work experience and training for jobs and possible internships in areas such as solar installation, water specialization, landscape irrigation, construction, creek restoration, native/nonnative species recognition, environmental issues, community interaction and social skill development. This session will explore the expansion of Green Academy as a model for all Sonoma County High schools.

Strategic Visualization Tools for Organizational Sustainability

Christine Walker, "Strategic Visualization Tools for Organizational Sustainability
Our human ability to visualize has guided cultures, shaped beliefs, and sparked innovations throughout history. This presentation is an overview of how to use traditional and new tools of strategic visualization and how to integrate visualization processes into visioning, mission alignment, team building, product and service innovation, and other aspects of organizational development. We’ll cover formats for visualizing in onsite and virtual meetings (murals, whiteboard, electronic tablets, “napkin”) as well as formats for deliverables (digital, print, web, Prezi.) We’ll discuss visual language, whole-brain thinking, and narrative techniques for discovery and getting everyone “on the same page.”

Your Story Can Change the World

Mischa Hedges, "Storytelling for Sustainable Brands" - Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2013
Stories are how people connect with one another. Telling stories about your organization's staff, customers, practices and offering can help you connect with your customers and supporters in a more meaningful way. Mischa will present case studies that show how sustainable brands are using video storytelling to build strong relationships with their customers to build human relationships and allow them to increase their reach and positive impact on the world.
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