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Sonoma-USA creates unique and useful upcycled products out of recovered materials diverted from local landfills.
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Sonoma-USA is a new consumer brand for sustainable, locally manufactured products made from recovered and recycled materials diverted from landfills.

At Sonoma-USA we live and breathe the innovative culture and spirit of sustainability in Sonoma County and are dedicated to preserving our beautiful rolling hills and vineyards by preventing growing mountains of trash. We work with local businesses and individuals to divert materials from the landfill and transform them into stylish and useful products. Every product we design and create is unique and evokes the material’s previous purpose.

When customers purchase a Sonoma-USA product they help prevent waste from going to the landfills while also supporting our local workforce and the awesome local charities we partner with.

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Steffen Kuehr, Founder/CEO
Santa Rosa


Sustainable Labware Solutions
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Labcon was founded in Marin County, California in 1959 as Ways and Means, Inc. The name given to the company then reflected the newness of the plastics industry where the company literally had to find the "ways and means" to make plastic products including small toys, vials for salt tablets, contact lens cases, cassette tape cartridges and cigarette filters. Labcon developed some of the first plastic pipet tips for research liquid handling in the early 1980’s and soon became a major global supplier of plastic laboratory products for industries such as biomedical research, pharmaceutical and environmental studies. This focus helped Labcon grow at a time when the use of disposables exploded over fears of contamination from even minute traces of chemicals left over from the washing of glassware.

Although Labcon is a major supplier of disposable products to laboratories, there had been growing concern inside and outside the company that disposable plastics are too wasteful. From this understanding Labcon began to develop products in 1994 that were unlike anything else the laboratory industry had seen. These innovative products incorporate concepts of "eco-efficiency" using less packaging, recycled plastics, plant-based bioplastics and refillable products. A particularly good example is the Pagoda® pipet tip refill system which eliminates 90% of the packaging and waste in typical products of this kind and has spawned a multitude of imitations. Labcon also began looking at its manufacturing processes for areas to cut waste and lessen its environmental impact. Starting in 2003, a tremendous investment was devoted toward a new manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA with high-efficiency electric molding machines, solvent (VOC) free printers for product marking, a chemical-free water treatment system, an internal scrap recycling program and numerous other enhancements which resulted in zero plastic waste and an over 50% reduction in the energy to produce our products. In 2010 Labcon made the largest single equipment investment in company history by installing a $3.3M 800kW rooftop solar array to produce 30% of the company’s electricity. We now scrutinize a full spectrum of environmental impacts including the greenhouse gas/carbon footprint to produce our products which we’re proud to say has been cut by 70% in the past 10 years.

Labcon has taken significant steps over the years to address the environmental concerns we share with our customers and community in order to develop an earth friendly manufacturing business.

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WM EarthCare

Sustainable, locally sourced and produced, 100% recycled compost and mulch creating healthy gardens & a healthier planet

About WM EarthCareTM

The WM EarthCare family of products is a sustainable, closed-loop solution for Bay Area landscapers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enriching local soil.  Our 100% recycled, locally sourced and produced compost and mulch closes the loop on Bay Area yard trimmings, food scraps and lumber debris, diverting them from landfills to restore our community.  Compost and mulch return nourishment and structure to local soil.  Our products are made with strict quality controls to ensure excellence and come with the backing of Waste Management, the nation’s leading resource recovery company.

Commitment to Sustainability

Choosing WM EarthCare for your landscaping needs fosters a healthier environment, local green jobs and long-term savings for you.  Replacing commercial fertilizers and herbicides with WM EarthCare compost and mulch reduces pollution run-off into local watersheds and decreases water usage through moisture retention.  In addition, use of our 100% recycled products may earn LEEDTM certification points.

We minimize the carbon emissions associated with production and distribution by relying on our existing trucking infrastructure to back-haul feedstock and finished product between our production facilities in Marin and Alameda counties and our retail landscape centers in Livermore, Novato, San Leandro, and  San Jose.

Quality Assurance

WM EarthCare Homegrown Compost follows a rigorous quality control process resulting in US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)-listing, the industry standards for excellence.  It is processed to be stable and mature, providing slow release nutrients that contribute to soil structure, moisture retention, aeration, drainage and tilth.

WM EarthCare mulch is made from 100% recycled, clean, untreated lumber.  It is hand inspected prior to being coarsely ground to 2” minus, screened and dyed.  The colorfast mulch, dyed with naturally occurring water-based colorants, is safe for children and animals and is guaranteed to retain its color for one year.  Custom sizing and colors are also available.

Community Involvement

Recover – Repurpose – Reuse – Restore – is how WM EarthCare is closing the loop on organic waste in Bay Area communities.  We are committed to building stronger communities and soil.  Through our donation program, we also Return compost and mulch to school and community gardens and urban beautification projects.  We work closely with our customers, including the California Academy of Sciences, CSU East Bay and more, to ensure on-time delivery, quality products and excellent service. 

For more information about WM EarthCare as well as tools to help you create a healthy landscape and healthier planet, visit


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Carrie Castro

Napa Chamber of Commerce

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Mission Statement

As the membership organization for business, we promote our community's economic vitality and quality of life through leadership development, advocacy, facilitation and education.


The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes the local economy by encouraging Napa Chamber of Commerce members and Napa residents to shop locally. All referrals given out by the Napa Chamber of Commerce are members. The Chamber of Commerce website has detailed information about local businesses in the community. The Napa Chamber also provides many educational opportunities throughout the year such as Good Morning Napa Seminars, Napa County Economic Outlook and a Labor Law Workshop. To showcase local businesses, the Chamber also sponsors the annual Napa Valley Business Expo.  

The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes the local community in a variety of ways. We provide lists of community events and local non-profits as well as visitor, relocation and wedding information about the Napa Valley. This information is available in Napa Valley packages. The Napa Chamber also holds an annual benefit golf tournament each year, which helps support several local non-profit community organizations. The Chamber’s Annual Dinner promotes local residents with awards that are presented to the Citizen of the Year, Healthcare Professional of the Year and Public Safety Employees, among others. 
The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes networking by sponsoring monthly After Business Hours Mixers at local businesses. The mixers are an excellent opportunity to meet other Chamber members and learn about their businesses. Other special events such as the Napa Valley Business Expo, the Economic Outlook and our Good Morning Napa's also provide great opportunities for members to network with other business professionals. 
The Napa Chamber of Commerce represents business concerns to local, regional, state and federal entities. While you keep your business running, the Chamber watches your back on issues like Workers’ Comp, Healthcare, and job killer anti-business bills. Action Alerts and other legislative information is available on the Chamber’s website and is sent to members via e-mail throughout the year.

The Napa Chamber of Commerce influences public policy on behalf of business. The Chamber also identifies, encourages and endorses business-friendly candidates in local, county, state and federal elections. A new program that is being unveiled is a Candidate Workshop, designed to help educate potential leaders on what it takes to run a campaign and what is expected of elected officials


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Lisa Batto

Michaels Green Upholstery

Michael’s Custom Built Inc. is a progressive upholstery shop, We build
new furniture and Reupholster, Recycle, Restyle, Reduce, Reuse, Redesign,
Recover and Redecorate your Residence and Commercial offices, hotel, wineries
and restaurants. We have the resources to make any upholstered piece more earth
friendly. We carry unique natural fiber fillers and fabrics such as silk, wool,
cork, linen, and cotton.

Michael’s offers clients an environmentally conscience product without
compromising on design or style. Either a new piece of furniture or the reworking
of an old treasured piece we are committed meeting every client’s individual
needs and desires.

In the past few years Michael’s has researched and located sources
from around the world to supply us with natural and organic materials for our
Green Furniture clients.

When creating a piece of new environmentally friendly furniture we use
organic cotton and hemp for our batting, ticking, and webbing. Our frames are
made from recycled wood or F.S.C. (Forest Steward Council) certified wood. We
use low V.O.C. glues and adhesives and latex rubber.

In our small way we feel
proud that we are encouraging the reduction of furniture waste in our
overcrowded landfills. By reupholstering furniture and building new furniture
using the most renewable resources we are helping to protect our soil, water,
and air.

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

Redwood Hill Farm is an award-winning, Humane Certified, Grade A goat dairy farm and creamery located in Sonoma County, California.

Family owned and operated for over 40 years, we are committed to making the best tasting and least processed goat milk, artisan goat milk cheese, yogurt and kefir.

Quality and sustainability have been the guiding principles as Redwood Hill Farm has grown over the years. We are honored that the Business Environmental Alliance of Sonoma County has awarded Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery the Best Practices Award in recognition of environmentally sound business practices and we are the first Certified Humane goat dairy.


style with artisan handmade quality
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A leader in the Fair Trade fashion industry, Indigenous designs has been working with producers in Peru for 15 years to produce a stunning line of men's and women's apparel, providing an example for best practices in the industry and enriching the path for eco-fashion and sustainability trends today.

Indigenous designs is committed to:
  • Supporting and preserving Fair Trade wages and artisan cooperative
  • Investing in natural and organic fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes
  • Spreading the beauty of handmade, eco fashion

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