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Sonoma County

GMO Free Sonoma County

Prohibit growing GMOs in Sonoma County, Label GMOs in CA, Educate
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GMO Free Sonoma County is a grassroots movement comprised of volunteers working to prohibit growing GMOs in Sonoma County and to Label GMOs in CA.  We strive to educate people regarding ZGMO concerns.

Our Current Mission:

To have the Sonoma County Supervisors vote our ordinance into law, which would make it unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation, firm, or entity of any kind to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically engineered organisms in the county.

The passage of this ordinance would uphold these purposes:

  1. To protect Sonoma County’s native plants, trees, and animals from transgenic contamination by GE organisms;
  2. To defend and promote the economic integrity of organic, conventional, and other markets that are harmed by transgenic contamination by GE organisms;
  3. To protect Sonoma County from increased pesticide use resulting from GE plant propagation and cultivation; and
  4. To preserve the right of Sonoma County residents to reject GE organisms resulting from health-related, moral, or other concerns.                                       

Help us join Marin, Mendocino, Trinity, and Santa Cruz Counties who already have simislar ordinances in place.

If you are a Sonoma County resident, are 18 years old or older, and have not already signed, please visit our website:, and sign our online petition and/ or volunteer. If you represent a business or organization you may also endorse.

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Karen Hudson

City of Santa Rosa

Our mission is to help Santa Rosa businesses grow and succeed.
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The City of Santa Rosa is the North Bay's premier location for technology and entrepreneurial businesses. As a business and service hub, Santa Rosa is the economic engine that drives the region. Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, you'll find a vibrant city overflowing with all you love about California.

Our restaurant business is booming, along with agriculture, high-tech, biomedical, education, environmental and, of course, tourism. Santa Rosans have a deep appreciation for the arts, education, conscientious business development and quality living.

The City of Santa Rosa offers a one-stop permitting process, easy access to Economic Development program staff and Community Development staff, collaborative partnerships with key business players; from our local chambers of commerce, our higher education institutes, brokers, benchmark industries, and community organizations to a global venture community, just to name a few. Whatever your needs, we look forward to assisting you!

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Danielle O'Leary
Santa Rosa

Parks Alliance for Sonoma County

Keeping State Parks in Sonoma County open
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The Parks Alliance was created in response to the State Parks Closure announcements in May 2011 in order to address the current and planned closures of State Parks in Sonoma County. When the closures were announced, the outpouring of support from individuals, nonprofits, businesses and public agencies in the county was astounding.  Our goal is to harness that energy, bringing the community together to keep the parks open and functioning at a sustainable level.

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Lauren Dixon

North Bay Business Journal

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The North Bay Business Journal is a weekly business-to-business newspaper covering Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. Our mission throughout the year  is to provide news, data and marketing solutions that businesses need to succeed. Now, more than ever, companies require leads for new business opportunities, quality networking events, reliable industry data and news on competitors, suppliers and customers.

Receive free Breaking News Email Alerts, attend industry conferences rich with information, expand your reach at networking events and stay up to date with a subscrition delivered to your desk weekly. Visit today!

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Santa Rosa
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