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Napa Chamber of Commerce

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Mission Statement

As the membership organization for business, we promote our community's economic vitality and quality of life through leadership development, advocacy, facilitation and education.


The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes the local economy by encouraging Napa Chamber of Commerce members and Napa residents to shop locally. All referrals given out by the Napa Chamber of Commerce are members. The Chamber of Commerce website has detailed information about local businesses in the community. The Napa Chamber also provides many educational opportunities throughout the year such as Good Morning Napa Seminars, Napa County Economic Outlook and a Labor Law Workshop. To showcase local businesses, the Chamber also sponsors the annual Napa Valley Business Expo.  

The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes the local community in a variety of ways. We provide lists of community events and local non-profits as well as visitor, relocation and wedding information about the Napa Valley. This information is available in Napa Valley packages. The Napa Chamber also holds an annual benefit golf tournament each year, which helps support several local non-profit community organizations. The Chamber’s Annual Dinner promotes local residents with awards that are presented to the Citizen of the Year, Healthcare Professional of the Year and Public Safety Employees, among others. 
The Napa Chamber of Commerce promotes networking by sponsoring monthly After Business Hours Mixers at local businesses. The mixers are an excellent opportunity to meet other Chamber members and learn about their businesses. Other special events such as the Napa Valley Business Expo, the Economic Outlook and our Good Morning Napa's also provide great opportunities for members to network with other business professionals. 
The Napa Chamber of Commerce represents business concerns to local, regional, state and federal entities. While you keep your business running, the Chamber watches your back on issues like Workers’ Comp, Healthcare, and job killer anti-business bills. Action Alerts and other legislative information is available on the Chamber’s website and is sent to members via e-mail throughout the year.

The Napa Chamber of Commerce influences public policy on behalf of business. The Chamber also identifies, encourages and endorses business-friendly candidates in local, county, state and federal elections. A new program that is being unveiled is a Candidate Workshop, designed to help educate potential leaders on what it takes to run a campaign and what is expected of elected officials


Contact Information
Lisa Batto

FARM Creative/Alana Jelinek Design

FARM Creative is the green design firm for socially responsible business leaders who want values-based strategic marketing communications, corporate identity, and graphic design that boosts their quadruple-bottom line (profit, people, environment, culture) and builds brand awareness across media platforms.

Our mission is to use the power of graphic design to make the world a greener place, to form collaborative relationships for new ways of doing business, and to connect businesses to consumers in a way that fosters a regenerative economy.

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