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Our Historic Moment

Explore the Global Vision, Trends and Solutions in "Our Historic Moment" (v2 coming July 2018)
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Our Historic Moment presents a vision for how all of us should be spending our time on the planet.  We:

  • Dive into our progress in four key areas: Renewables, Non-toxics, Ecological Abundance and Equity
  • Identify key barriers that have prevented us from moving forward toward the vision
  • Craft a framework on how to best drive change
  • Present a palette of solutions for a renewable, healthy, abundant and equitable world

Book is available at

2nd edition is coming late July 2018; pre-order now!

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New & Improved

Triple Bottom-Line Ideation - Developing Innovative & Sustainable Solutions for People, Planet and Profits
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New & Improved's Triple Bottom-line Facilitated Ideation for Conscious Impact & Sustainability is designed to generate new insights and diversity of thought that are beneficial for all. 

Our creative processes serve the needs of teams, organizations and individual entrepreneurs in developing business solutions, visioning, branding, positioning, developing new product and service concepts and resolving team issues in:

  • Achieving a better balance between the realities of market pressures and the desire for sustainability
  • Initiating or strengthening on-going corporate sustainability enterprises
  • Increasing alternative energy sources and carbon neutral programs
  • Developing green products, internal processes, architecture, etc.
  • Improving the quality of food production / nutrition
  • Enhancing environmental awareness and protection skills / processes
  • Supporting social entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Developing science-based mind-body-spirit wellness programs
  • Enhancing outdoor adventure / eco-travel businesses
  • Inspiring and developing conscious capitalism enterprises
  • And, whatever other areas of conscious impact you may be working in…

One of the most efficient ways to gain these benefits is to engage people whose creative ways aren’t bound by the same rules, assumptions and restrictions as most people, and who bring a passion and expertise specific to your sustainability endeavors.

Choreographing the right mix of team members is essential. That’s why New & Improved recruits industry and sustainability experts who will be the most stimulating for your team’s creative juices. Our Conscious Creatives are available in the New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis and San Francisco areas, or in any other locale that serves your needs.

And, if you’d like to get great thinking from the end-users in your value chain, our Conscious Consumers are what you need for Triple Bottom-line input and stimulation. Our strong network of creative thinkers with a conscious consupmtion lifestyle is ready to help.

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William Grace Frost

Real Leaders

Inspiring Betters Leaders for a Better World
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Real Leaders serves a community of over 22,000 CEOs in 125 countries and represents over $6 trillion in spending, with a mission to inspire and connect ‘Better Leaders for a Better World’, through media and global events.

Real Leaders recognize that business as usual is a foolish strategy in a world that is rapidly tripling in population during our lifetime. Several billion more people are placing an unprecedented demand on every resource and system on the planet. Success is coming to those determined leaders who are collaborating to be both the best in the world and the best for the world. Those leaders who are harnessing the power of business to solve these global challenges are the Real Leaders of today.

Real Leaders draws on the achievements and insights of successful leaders to highlight this growing global best-practice of doing well by doing good. Real Leaders sponsors events around the world to bring together leaders to connect and collaborate. In addition, thought leaders blog regularly for the web-site as well as the bi-annual Real Leaders publication read by over 22,000 leaders around the world.

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Jesse Pyrch

Performance Management Insitute

Upgrade your Management Operating System – Build practical transparency about how the company as a whole creates value

Upgrade your Management Operating System (MOS) – Build practical transparency about how the company as a whole creates value by applying the core logic of business math* to develop thriving businesses and satisfying workplaces

Performance Management Institute’s (PMI) Accounting 3.0 ® enables mission-driven companies to implement purpose and metrics-driven culture. PMI delivers an upgraded MOS developed by the people who do the value creating work, installing a direct path to a mature measurement, reporting, and accountability system that can thrive in today's market. 

By zeroing in on key decisions and actions that affect both profit and cash, everyone can prioritize on the most crucial drivers, and focus their teams on leveraging those drivers to deliver specified results. See

The PMI Solution also allows scaling to be done more easily as new management and staff is brought on, because leadership and staff business acumen has gone from informal personal wisdom to easily transferred & capitalized business knowledge.

Our core textbook on how to use accounting information to make money is Managing by the Numbers: A Common Sense Guide to Understanding and Using Your Company’s Financials (INC./Perseus), and on the decision/ action side is Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success (AMACOM).

* The mathematical relationship of organizational property, contracts, and cash in the bank - to each other and related business decisions and actions

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Jahn Ballard

Transition: Resilience and Hope in Extraordinary Times

Resilience thinking means decentralizing our basic systems - food, energy, and water. It’s backup against the inevitable failure of centralized, too-big-NOT-to-fail systems. At this point in history it is imperative to overcome the nemesis of resilience - the hyper-individualism of America’s consumer culture - and rebuild a strong social fabric. The goal of “Transition U.S.” is to connect and support neighborhoods, towns, and cities to become more sustainable and self-reliant – together. Let’s grow flourishing, locally-scaled, green economies and step into a future that nourishes both people and planet.

Conscious Capitalism & Working for Good: Foundations for Innovation & Sustainability

Through stories, conversation and active practice, Jeff brings the idea of Conscious Capitalism to life and illuminates its power to create more resilient, sustainable and healthy businesses, and to elevate humanity. Jeff will also engage participants with the practical skills of Working for Good, to expand their awareness and enhance their functioning at work. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the philosophy and framework of Conscious Capitalism, and its implications for themselves, their teams and their businesses, and with practical tools they can apply in their work, on Monday!

Environmental Forum of Marin

Environmental Forum of Marin. Education for Action.
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The Environmental Forum of Marin is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment through education. Established in 1972, EFM is a leader in environmental education and public service.

Education for Action. We provide an intensive training program and public educational services that increase understanding of ecology, environmental issues and the planning process. We support and advocate citizen action for the environment. Graduates of the program become members of the Forum.


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Joan Gallagher
San Rafael

Global Genesis

Global Genesis is a team of professionals with a proven success record in assisting organizations improve their performance through their people power.  Our team has combined over 40 years of experience in both internal management and outside consulting and training with organizations of all sizes, public and private, for profit and not-for profit, encompassing a spectrum of industry and government and serving a global market.  Our unique blend of complimentary experience affords us a peripheral perspective of organizational activity - the visionary, strategic, tactical and everyday practical -  and how its people resources add value. 

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