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Hanucraft Design Studio

A multi-disciplinary design studio that builds immersive environments that celebrate life on earth.

Hanucraft is a design studio focused on creating stylish spaces and inspiring experiences that embody the beauty, vitality and magic of nature.

Contact Information
Brian Scharf
Santa Rosa


Design, Marketing, and Creative Innovation

Omne is a full-service creative innovation consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded to help local businesses and organizations thrive.  Latin for “all,” Omne seeks to promote community and a culture of social responsibility through creative and entrepreneurial innovation, offering comprehensive services in design, marketing and venture consulting.


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Elana Gurney

Earth in Concert

Music, audio and web production, visual art, media and design for positive change
Social Media

Earth in Concert originates artistic products and provides creative services. We express vision and harmonize purpose for enterprises and individuals working toward positive change. The core creative team of Christine Walker & Dennis Hysom work in collaboration with other creative professionals on a range of projects and also independently as consultants.

Strategic visualization, which Christine will demonstrate during the conference, helps organizations and individuals see thought, shape vision, and focus action to discover, articulate, and realize goals. The combination of visual and narrative speaks to the whole brain, stimulates creative thinking, and encourages innovation and collaboration. To learn more about visual thinking, visit

Dennis is a musician, sound recordist, and audio and web producer who has composed eight albums of instrumental music with nature sounds. 

In 2015, Earth in Concert launched a family of iOS apps called Nature Maestro to empower environmental education through sound. Dennis recorded all the sounds on location in Costa Rican rainforests and Alaska's Glacier Bay. Christine created original art depicting the animals and their habitats. They worked with developer Krishna Narayan of Island Innovation. The Nature Maestro apps are available in the iTunes App Store. Find out more at

Dennis and Christine are also the creators of the award-winning Wooleycat children's series of songs, video, and “Wooleycat's Musical Theater” book with CD.

Contact Information
Christine Walker

TLCD Architecture

TLCD Architecture provides service through research, design excellence, and social and environmental responsibility.

About TLCD Architecture 

Founded in 1965, TLCD Architecture is a 45-person practice based in Santa Rosa, California. We provide exceptional service through ongoing research, design excellence, and focus on social and environmental responsibility.  Our expertise in planning and programming, architectural and interior design, and furniture planning and selection is built upon a dedication to sustainable best practices.

TLCD Architecture believes that each client and every project has a unique design solution that can  transform and shape their communities.  Our core values of people, place, and craft are present through every facet of our practice, from the initial design and planning conversations to the final construction phase.  With projects ranging from cultural, civic, educational, and medical centers, to hospitality, mixed-use, and commercial projects, we aim to create innovative environments that promote collaboration, exploration, and innovation.

Commitment to Sustainability

A truly sustainable building goes beyond just incorporating a collection of “green” elements. As a member of the US Green Building Council with 17 LEED Accredited professionals, TLCD Architecture is committed to the application of sustainable principles for the benefit of building occupants, the community, and our clients.

Beyond meeting codes and mandatory standards, we investigate the possibilities that can make each project as healthy, and resource and energy efficient as possible. Building and finish materials are carefully considered in an effort to minimize environmental impacts. Recycled content, renewable resources, and air quality are all important aspects of material selection. Sustainable goals for water usage, efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and renewable energy are set for every project and integrated into the design from project onset, with progress reviews at every design phase and major milestone. 

Research-Based Solutions

Each of our projects begins with active investigation and research that addresses the objectives of project stakeholders, the characteristics of the site, community priorities, and other project-specific considerations.   This process includes touring similar facilities, exploring sustainable strategies and materials, and applying collective knowledge to the design of a project. Drawing on the Evidence Based Design Model, we apply a growing body of research to designing facilities that are efficient, healthy for its occupants, and enable high levels of performance. 

Social responsibility

TLCD Architecture acts in the best interest of the community, society, and environment. This philosophy influences every facet of our work and is integral to our design process.

We approach sustainability in the context of our commitment to our community. We recognize that a project reaches beyond the boundaries of the site and influences the community and society by impacting public transport, municipal utilities, waste management and existing roadways.  Our socially responsible approach is culturally sensitive; it advocates the purchase of local materials, supports nearby labor and manufacturing, reduces construction waste and eliminates chemical sources resulting in a strong, positive impact on the community.  This brings indirect benefits such as local goodwill, and also has significant direct value to our clients: socially responsible design can reduce initial costs and improve long-term economic performance.


For more information about TLCD Architecture, visit 


Contact Information
Marina Starkey
Santa Rosa

FARM Creative/Alana Jelinek Design

FARM Creative is the green design firm for socially responsible business leaders who want values-based strategic marketing communications, corporate identity, and graphic design that boosts their quadruple-bottom line (profit, people, environment, culture) and builds brand awareness across media platforms.

Our mission is to use the power of graphic design to make the world a greener place, to form collaborative relationships for new ways of doing business, and to connect businesses to consumers in a way that fosters a regenerative economy.

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