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421 Group

Planning + Strategy + Development
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421 Group is a boutique consultancy that offers planning, strategy, and development services to help innovative cannabis organizations succeed.

Our experienced consultants are skilled in supporting the kinds of core business needs that come into play throughout a company's evolution: organizational design; branding and marketing; leadership development; and public affairs.

We also offer high-level strategy meetings for entrepreneurs interested in entering the industry. Learn more at

Contact Information
Craig Litwin
(707) 861-8421

The Added Edge

Consulting Services: Coaching, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales
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Since 1995, The Added Edge has been providing consulting services to business of all sizes in the following areas of expertise: 

* Coaching - deep personal development coaching, (not fluffy "life coaching,") in personal and business.

* Human Resources

* Marketing

* Sales

Contact Information
Leslie Sheridan

M. Landman Communications & Consulting

Writing, editing, and advising focused on sustainability: green living, green business, climate resilience
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M. Landman Communications & Consulting provides practical and professional guidance on a wide range of sustainability strategies and practices, particularly in the areas of green living, sustainable land use, green operations, green and non-toxic products/materials, green business, and climate resilience. The founder, Miriam Landman, is an experienced writer, editor, advisor, and educator. Miriam has been writing and working in the environmental field for 25 years. She is passionate about building people's awareness of effective solutions to environmental problems, and providing the concrete information and tools that people need to put green principles into practice.

Through consultations, presentations, research, and the development of written materials and online resources, M. Landman helps companies, organizations, individuals, households, and communities to incorporate healthy, efficient, and sustainable practices (and products) into their activities and operations.

She also publishes blog and is a regular contributor to

Miriam founded M. Landman Communications & Consulting in 2005. Before that, she was senior associate with Simon & Associates Green Building Consultants, and earlier in her career she worked as a producer and reporter for public radio's Living on Earth program. She has also worked for Global Green USA and Davis Square Architects. She has a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Policy (and Planning) from Tufts University, and a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

Contact Information
Miriam Landman
Sonoma County

Kerry Rego Consulting

People and Tech Together, Changing the World
Social Media

Kerry Rego is a social media trainer, technology consultant, author, and speaker working with individuals, businesses, government, and non-profits. She educates people, implements tools, and trains staff on new media.

Contact Information
Kerry Rego
Santa Rosa

Create The Good Life

Personal and organizational advising for enterprising and creative people. Get the clarity you need to move forward.
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Come to our advice booth during the conference!

We help enterprising and creative people like you.  We offer personal and organizational advising that empowers people to move forward with greater clarity and awareness.

You may be facing an overwhelming decision, feeling stuck, or dealing with difficult interpersonal issues.  We help you get to the heart of the matter quickly and offer practical insights for creative solutions. In addition we can serve as a sounding board, help with strategic planning, and assist with step-by-step problem solving.

We work with individuals and organizations, and customize our approach with each client. We draw from a wide variety of design, psychological, and other tools for expanding awareness and developing skills. We are available for one-time consultations as well as on-going advising and education.

For more information, visit our website at Create The Good Life or give us a call at 707-694-1872.

~ Beth & Eric 

Contact Information
Beth Meredith & Eric Storm


We are the change management firm for organizations seeking enterprise-wide, systemic sustainability solutions.

Our sustainability consulting services enhance long-term competitive advantage and success because of our expertise in triple bottom line performance combined with deep experience in organizational change.

Most consultants do not integrate change management expertise with their technical solutions,nor do they help them achieve the kind of market leadership that is possible. While they make some impact, many of these efforts make little long-term change because they have not been integrated into the culture or the mindsets of the individuals within the organization.  True and long-lasting success requires attention to the strategy, behavior, practices, and processes that are at the core of an organization.

We have the ability to engage with organizations holistically, maximizing chances for success. By using time-tested organizational change methodologies, practical tools, and facilitation, organizations will find that their sustainability initiative can realize tremendous benefits in operational efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and industry leadership.

We have worked with Fortune500 companies small businesses, non-profits, foundations and government agencies around the world, and our tailored approaches yield long-lasting and tangible results.

We work with agents of change at the executive level and throughout the organization to achieve maximum results for their sustainability change effort.

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