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Since COVID-19 arrived we've stopped convening.


Real Leaders

Inspiring Betters Leaders for a Better World
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Real Leaders serves a community of over 22,000 CEOs in 125 countries and represents over $6 trillion in spending, with a mission to inspire and connect ‘Better Leaders for a Better World’, through media and global events.

Real Leaders recognize that business as usual is a foolish strategy in a world that is rapidly tripling in population during our lifetime. Several billion more people are placing an unprecedented demand on every resource and system on the planet. Success is coming to those determined leaders who are collaborating to be both the best in the world and the best for the world. Those leaders who are harnessing the power of business to solve these global challenges are the Real Leaders of today.

Real Leaders draws on the achievements and insights of successful leaders to highlight this growing global best-practice of doing well by doing good. Real Leaders sponsors events around the world to bring together leaders to connect and collaborate. In addition, thought leaders blog regularly for the web-site as well as the bi-annual Real Leaders publication read by over 22,000 leaders around the world.

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Jesse Pyrch

Performance Management Insitute

Upgrade your Management Operating System – Build practical transparency about how the company as a whole creates value

Upgrade your Management Operating System (MOS) – Build practical transparency about how the company as a whole creates value by applying the core logic of business math* to develop thriving businesses and satisfying workplaces

Performance Management Institute’s (PMI) Accounting 3.0 ® enables mission-driven companies to implement purpose and metrics-driven culture. PMI delivers an upgraded MOS developed by the people who do the value creating work, installing a direct path to a mature measurement, reporting, and accountability system that can thrive in today's market. 

By zeroing in on key decisions and actions that affect both profit and cash, everyone can prioritize on the most crucial drivers, and focus their teams on leveraging those drivers to deliver specified results. See

The PMI Solution also allows scaling to be done more easily as new management and staff is brought on, because leadership and staff business acumen has gone from informal personal wisdom to easily transferred & capitalized business knowledge.

Our core textbook on how to use accounting information to make money is Managing by the Numbers: A Common Sense Guide to Understanding and Using Your Company’s Financials (INC./Perseus), and on the decision/ action side is Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success (AMACOM).

* The mathematical relationship of organizational property, contracts, and cash in the bank - to each other and related business decisions and actions

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Jahn Ballard

City of Santa Rosa

Our mission is to help Santa Rosa businesses grow and succeed.
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The City of Santa Rosa is the North Bay's premier location for technology and entrepreneurial businesses. As a business and service hub, Santa Rosa is the economic engine that drives the region. Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, you'll find a vibrant city overflowing with all you love about California.

Our restaurant business is booming, along with agriculture, high-tech, biomedical, education, environmental and, of course, tourism. Santa Rosans have a deep appreciation for the arts, education, conscientious business development and quality living.

The City of Santa Rosa offers a one-stop permitting process, easy access to Economic Development program staff and Community Development staff, collaborative partnerships with key business players; from our local chambers of commerce, our higher education institutes, brokers, benchmark industries, and community organizations to a global venture community, just to name a few. Whatever your needs, we look forward to assisting you!

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Danielle O'Leary
Santa Rosa


The Nexus is an innovation community at the seat of enterprise in the North Bay. Coworking, incubation, and more.
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SoCo Nexus is a broad reaching and fast-growing innovation community focused on empowering growth oriented businesses and startups throughout the North Bay.

SoCo Nexus is presently focused on four sectors of the North Bay business ecosystem: sustainable resources, medical technology, cloud based technology, and manufacturing. At the same time, businesses at every stage of development and in any area of the economy are welcome and encouraged to join this exciting business community.

SoCo Nexus serves companies through a collection of programs and services that include expandable and scalable office and/or manufacturing space, resources for the pursuit of available funding, educational opportunities, mentoring and business connections.

SoCo Nexus is located at the heart of Sonoma Mountain Village, North America’s first One Planet Community. If you care about sustainability and want to be a part of an eco-conscious community, you’re in the right place! 
Amee Sas
Executive Director - SoCo Nexus
Amee is the Executive Director of SoCo Nexus, a broad reaching and fast-growing innovation community focused on empowering growth oriented businesses and startups throughout the North Bay. Amee is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in Real Estate, Investments and start-up companies throughout the North Bay. She believes that the area is uniquely positioned to foster a wide ranging business culture that can do well by doing good and she is honored to be part of the conversation.
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Amee Sas
Rohnert Park

Find Your Path or Build Your Path - Education, Entrepreneurship, and Green Careers

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How do we foster innovation and sustainable economic opportunities in our region? How do we re-think education to prepare people for a quickly changing economy? What can you do to find your path or build your path? Start with a sense of place, add some personal exploration, churn in some hands-on skills, mix in some entrepreneurship principles and productivity practices, toss in some social media skills, add a healthy dose of sustainability perspective, mix with community, and voila!
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