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Tomio Endo

Anthropology Student, Sonoma Student Growers Cooperative Co-Director, Director of Sustainability Programs at Join Us Making Progress

As the incoming Director of Sustainability for Sonoma State's Associated Students Join Us Making Progress and 4th year Anthropology student, Tomio Endo works to provide meaningful opportunities for students to discover and explore what a sustainable lifestyle may look like from their own cultural perspective while serving the community and university at large. Inspired by his experience working as ranch hand in Colorado and California, and his work on local farms and ranches in Sonoma County, he has been active in creating, defining and sustaining a culture of student-led community supported agriculture at Sonoma State.

Recently featured in the Press Democrat, the Sonoma State Growers Cooperative has enabled Tomio and his fellow students to not only grow and sell traditionally raised produce to Sonoma State’s Culinary Services in partnership with local landowners, but to cultivate a sense of local agricultural tradition among students, the university and community at large.

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