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Vanessa Roscoe

MBA Student in Sustainable Management

Vanessa is enrolled in an MBA program for Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA.  She holds an undergraduate degree in business from Fairfield University, where she dual majored in Marketing and Art History. Currently, she is exploring opportunities for impact and engagement where the environment, society and business collide.  Her studies have led her to rethink global issues such as ecosystem degradation, poverty and human rights.  For four years prior to graduate school, Vanessa worked as a trader within the Organic Food Industry for a major international company.  Her interests continue to lie in agricultural systems, as there is an ever-increasing need to feed the world’s population in a sustainable way.

With extensive travel within twenty-three countries and counting, Vanessa’s cultural experiences have shaped her commitment to shared value and service.  This summer, she has a Fellowship with Kiva, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty and creating opportunities for those at the Bottom of the Pyramid.  She will be working in the microfinance sector in India, helping secure loans for woman and for water/sanitation projects.

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MBA Student in Sustainable Management