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Cordel Stillman

Cordel Stillman is the Deputy Chief Engineer of the Sonoma County Water Agency.  Cordel graduated from San Jose State University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering.  He has over 25 years of experience in the public sector in planning, design and construction management. His responsibilities include the development and management of all infrastructure and renewable energy projects and programs.

Under his guidance, Sonoma County Water Agency has nearly achieved its goal of Carbon Free Water by 2015” through a combination of energy conservation measures and renewable energy development. Greenhouse gas emissions from the Agency’s operations have been reduced 97% since 2006. 

In addition to project development for the Water Agency, Cordel oversees a number of regional programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency or development of renewable power resources. Most recently Cordel has managed the formation of a community choice aggregation program called Sonoma Clean Power. Sonoma Clean Power will purchase energy generation services for Sonoma County residents the goal of retaining funds for local reinvestment while delivering increased levels of renewable power.

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Deputy Chief Engineer