Bio-Regionalism, One Planet Living and Community Asset Mapping

3:10 - 4:00 PM
Main Hall
Bio-regionalism reorients the global scale and arbitrary human borders of our current economy towards unique, naturally-occurring ecosystems and communities, fostering individual engagement, community sustainability, resilience and empowerment and greater economic, food and energy security. Thriving bio-regional economies incorporate the ten basic principles of One Planet Living. Within each of these principles, there are 1) a variety of paths towards achieving sustainability, depending on unique local environment, 2) varying depths of commitment to each principle, and 3) unique opportunities which integrate multiple principles. Community asset mapping benchmarks existing cultural, economic, human, natural, physical and social resources to better understand each community's unique profile and opportunities. After an overview of how these three ideas intersect to enable our own resilient, bio-region, participants will break into groups to discuss, aggregate and present the best ideas shared through the One Planet Living Market Making exercise.