The Culture of Sustainability at Sonoma State University

10:55 - 11:20 AM
Main Hall
Sonoma State University Director of Sustainability Paul Draper will describe the mission of the Sustainability Executive Committee (AKA SustainableSSU) with particular consideration of curricular and co-curricular student engagement. Educational administration leader Stan Nosek, Vice President for Administration at Sonoma State University will talk about his work facilitating teamwork between faculty, students and the community and empowering them to create a culture of sustainability. And Claudia Sisomphou, current Sonoma State student and AS Senator of Sustainability, will inspire us with how the campus has embraced sustainability as one of its core values since she's been here.

Paul Draper

Director of Sustainability

Stan Nosek

Interim Vice President for Adminitration & Finance / CFO

Claudia Sisomphou

Activist in Residence/Senator of Sustainability