Sustainability as a Mainstream Objective of Industries and Associations

9:30 - 10:20 AM
2nd Floor - Sonoma
Sustainability as a best practice is no longer only embraced by individual companies and organizations, it has become a mainstream objective of entire industries and associations. Some entities have developed comprehensive workbooks with criteria, technical guidance and oversight requirements to help make sustainability a uniform standard and ensure compliance through self assessment and third-party audits. At the same time, collaboration has increased among those wanting to expand their understanding and application of ways to implement a sustainable business strategy and incorporate it into their mission, vision and core values. Finally, Investors and those in the financial community are looking for sustainable businesses to fund knowing that the more and more consumers favor, endorse and advocate for enterprises that adhere to sustainable operations and support them with their dollars leading to higher profitability and ROI. This panel will explore all of these trends through the eyes of a trio of subject matter experts working in these fields.