Building An Economy Worthy of Our Affection

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM
Main Hall
This Big Idea studio session explores how a New, Regenerative Economy can be forged from innovative use of a well-known but poorly understood and gravely under-utilized business model: the Cooperative. This traverse of Cooperatives will consider the potential for the Cooperative model to transform the material economy from one that is predominantly desperate, predatory, rapacious, and destructive. Envision instead an economy driven by; trust, not greed, well-being, not exclusively financial gain, community, not consumption and long-term vibrancy and resilience, rather than brittleness and short term growth. The four institutions of civil society that it is most essential to shift in order to build this NRE are Food Systems, Media, Finance, and Education. This Big Idea Studio will feature leaders from each of these sectors who will offer practical, actionable, and inspirational ideas about what the future could be, from each of their respective institutions.