Market Making for Economic Development through Sustainable Enterprise

Expo Hall
A Self Assessment session for Enterprises and Households through One Planet Market Making, i.e. matching who has needs with those who have relevant skills, knowledge and expertise. The 10 One Planet Principles provide a common language from which to proceed to common goals and initiatives. Markets are made and then grow when people come looking for expertise to address the felt needs of their enterprise or household. Complementing the digital One Planet Gadget at, is the ‘Paper Gadget’ – A One Planet Enterprise Self Assessment Scorecard that functions excellently as our roadmap for creating a fast and effective map of the whole enterprise or household ecosystem contribution levels. Walking rapidly through the Scorecard self-assessment documents an enterprise’s (or household’s) potential needs and offers toward a One Planet (vs. a 3-5 Planet) work and lifestyle. The Scorecard self-assessment results present back on a one-page, color-coded report in three dimensions – Outputs (products and services), Operations, and Inputs (suppliers). The Scorecard report makes it easy to start considering and discussing potential matches for either needs or offers. The session finale will use each color-coded scores to create overall Scoreboards that visually present the results as a whole.