Blue/Green Alliance for Jobs and the Environment

Social Equity is the cornerstone of a democratic society, which cannot be maintained for a few at the expense of the many; it implies fair access to livelihood, education, health and housing in meeting human needs. Too often, Americans are asked to choose between good jobs and environmental protection. But as we face increasingly severe impacts of climate change and other environmental hazards—and as we adapt to an interconnected global economy—we can no longer choose one or the other. We can and must choose both; can we identify ways today’s environmental challenges can create and maintain quality jobs and build a stronger, fairer economy? The BlueGreen Alliance’s efforts center on the immediate need to develop common sense solutions to our environmental challenges in a way that creates and maintains quality, family-sustaining jobs across the economy. As Martin Luther King observed, "where there is injustice for one, there is injustice for all."