Economic Sustainability: Mondragón and Local Cooperatives
Build Equity and Resilience in Sonoma County
Quantifying Sustainability - Beyond Footprint Calculators
Silver Tsunami: Crisis or Opportunity
Zero Waste
Sustainability in Practice
The Business Case for Sustainability

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals ready to step into action around the sustainability of their enterprise
  • Executives, managers and individuals who set long-term direction
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting or plan to start new enterprises
  • Professionals and consultants who are engaging in sustainable enterprise activities
  • Educators and students with an interest in sustainable enterprise
  • Officials who influence, design and implement public policy

Drive social, economic and environmental change.

Participants at this exciting conference will learn how they can drive positive change in their organizations; change that will position them for success in the new economy. Participants will also realize extraordinary opportunities to network with other North Bay professionals who have made positive change in the area of social, economic and environmental responsibility and have benefited from it.