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Sustainability in Practice

Stand in Your Strength for Long-Term Professional Sustainability

1:15 - 1:30 PM
Interview Stage
One of the most destructive problems in business and our entire society is our collective inability to stand in our strengths. Strengths are our unique talents that make us distinctive and are how we provide value to our communities. When you identify, leverage and embody your innate strengths, your initiatives take root in a way that allows you to be simultaneously highly effective and life sustaining. In this presentation you will learn how to identify your most important intangible talents and learn how to avoid burnout while increasing the rewards of owning a profitable and sustainable business.

Leadership in the Business Community through Environmental Action

2nd Floor - Alexander
Businesses have many opportunities to green our practices by implementing projects and operating policies that build toward a more sustainable future. Local non-profit Daily Acts and the County of Sonoma’s Energy and Sustainability Division have resources to help your business lead the way in saving water, conserving energy, diverting waste and preventing pollution while also strengthening our community. Sonoma County’s Green Business Program offers a certification customized for your industry. Daily Acts hosts The Community Resilience Challenge, a campaign offering resources, tools, networks, educational events, and more on your journey to sustainability. Clear Blue Commercial will join us to share how adopting best green practices has increased their success. Learn about simple solutions your business can adopt to lighten your environmental footprint while also increasing profits, leading by example, and engaging your employees and customers with your values. Find out how easy it is to get started!

Sustainability in Practice: Beyond Recycling and Solar Panels

10:15 - 11:15 AM
What does sustainability really mean and how do we get it accomplished in our organizations and communities? The term can be vague and cover a large agenda. The most effective champions focus on a few key principles, frameworks, and tools. What is the core of sustainability literacy? How do we influence the views and decisions of others with a business case to adopt these principles and best practices? Important principles and concepts include building value, cost savings, employee and customer loyalty, brand enhancement, and risk reduction. The session concludes with some ways to best communicate these efforts to stakeholders with authenticity and without greenwashing.

Sustainability in Practice: B Corps as a Business Model for Success

B Corps are a global movement of companies-—including Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, World Centric, Fetzer Vineyards, Traditional Medicinals, Guayaki, McEvoy Ranch, Hog Island Oyster Co., and EO Products—that are dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This session will be a discussion about what B Corps are, why they matter, and how you can use business as a force for good.

Sustainability in Practice: Green Your Organization by Greening Your Staff

The focus is on you and your people because what people know and what people do are what really make the difference. Northern California Earth Institute (NCEI), an affiliate of the Northwest Earth Institute, offers eleven different model programs designed to jumpstart environmental awareness and action in our lives and in the workplace. The models have worked successfully for tens of thousands in schools, businesses, faith-based organizations, and community groups across the country. Small groups meet in self-run sessions, for just one hour each week (for 4 to 7 weeks), anchored in exciting articles, all of which are brief, easy to read, and geared toward action…even in the first week. NCEI will demonstrate the model and programs, help kick off discussion and action groups, help groups work together, and offer ideas for those important next steps unique to your organization.

Sustainability in Practice: Cases Studies and Best Practices

Sustainability in Practice
This workshop is a primer on the basics of sustainability in practice. Professors Santana and Princen will engage participants in a set of real-life cases of sustainability practice, ranging from farming and timbering to manufacturing to e-commerce. Participants should come away with a set of practical principles to apply to their own settings.
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