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Personal and organizational advising for enterprising and creative people. Get the clarity you need to move forward.
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We help enterprising and creative people like you.  We offer personal and organizational advising that empowers people to move forward with greater clarity and awareness.

You may be facing an overwhelming decision, feeling stuck, or dealing with difficult interpersonal issues.  We help you get to the heart of the matter quickly and offer practical insights for creative solutions. In addition we can serve as a sounding board, help with strategic planning, and assist with step-by-step problem solving.

We work with individuals and organizations, and customize our approach with each client. We draw from a wide variety of design, psychological, and other tools for expanding awareness and developing skills. We are available for one-time consultations as well as on-going advising and education.

For more information, visit our website at Create The Good Life or give us a call at 707-694-1872.

~ Beth & Eric 

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Beth Meredith & Eric Storm