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421 Group is a boutique consultancy that offers planning, strategy, and development services to help innovative cannabis organizations succeed.

Our experienced consultants are skilled in supporting the kinds of core business needs that come into play throughout a company's evolution: organizational design; branding and marketing; leadership development; and public affairs.

We also offer high-level strategy meetings for entrepreneurs interested in entering the industry. Learn more at https://421.group.

Sustainability Achievements: 
Whether we're working with flower-touching companies or ancillary firms, we champion the implementation of sustainable practices. For example, we advocate for cultivators to make a commitment to open-space preservation, erosion control, water conservation, and local Sonoma Clean Power. Our long-term goal is to export progressive Sonoma County principles to improve other communities throughout California and the West Coast.
Sustainability Challenges: 
As the cannabis industry emerges from the shadows, we see great challenges—and opportunities—in creating sound regulatory policies. Regulation, not prohibition, is the driving force behind a commitment to sustainable practices. To encourage a widespread cultural shift in the cannabis industry, we work to ensure a smooth transition into compliance and offer support to the small farmers who are integral to robust sustainability.
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