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About Us
EarthRise, the retreat and education center of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), is one of Northern California’s premier educational and experiential retreat centers. It began in 2000 as a gathering place for thought leaders and educators in fields that promote interconnection, healing, and transformation to share their knowledge. Its 194 acres of oak-covered hills, located at the border of Marin and Sonoma counties, offer the ideal setting for learning, introspection, and growth.

The Center
Five meeting rooms, lodging for up to 120 guests, hiking trails, hot tub, meditative labyrinth, garden, and areas for quiet reflection are just some of the features that combine with professional services, gracious staff, and acclaimed cuisine to nurture and sustain presenters and guests in the transformative work that takes place here.

EarthRise Center has completed 94% of the requirements for Marin County Green Business Certification, and is well into the planning and development of entirely “green” replacement lodging. In collaboration with Healthy Buildings Technology Group of Napa, the new accommodations incorporate clean and renewable energy resources into the campus buildings and land; two of the units will be built on the property within the next few months.

Ways to Engage as a Presenter
You may contract meeting rooms, lodging, and meals for your event or workshop—it’s totally yours to organize, promote and facilitate. Or you may submit a proposal to offer a workshop sponsored by EarthRise and receive payment for your presentation.

Ways to Engage as a Participant or Guest
The workshop leaders we bring together — in fields such as scientific inquiry, psychology, education, health, philosophy, spirituality, personal growth, indigenous cultures, art, writing, music, and movement — offer remarkable opportunities for personal growth and transformation. We also offer many personal retreats in which guests can enjoy restful weekends supported by the land, the exceptional food, and the uncomplicated life at EarthRise.

The IONS/EarthRise Story
The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to research consciousness and inner knowing after his Moon walk and return to Earth put him in touch with a profound “inner knowing” of the interconnectedness of all life. For the past 40 years IONS has been a major influence on scientific inquiry, transformation of consciousness, and the evolution of perspectives in health and education. EarthRise Center is the Institute’s education and retreat center named in honor of Mitchell’s vision.