Scholarship and Discounted Registration

We are a community event discussing the important economic, environmental, and social issues of our time and as such we work to keep our ticket prices low. With the support of our sponsors we are able to offer those struggling with budget shortfalls a unique and discounted opportunity to join us and learn about the value of managing an organization to be environmentally friendly, socially just, and economically viable.

Open Discounts

Use the code "GreenHelp" to get $10 off any registration.

Current Scholarships

(1) Exhibit table - from Straus Family Creamery

(1) Exhibit table - from Clear Blue Commercial

(4) Student passes - from 108 Technologies

(4) Community passes - from Bioregional One Planet Living

(2) Farmer passes - from Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative

4) Community passes - from SOMO Living

For discounts and scholarship requests fill our the scholarship request form.