Enterprise Exhibitor 2016

This is a list of the many organizations that will exhibit at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. Thank you for your support.

Compostable & Disposable Party Tableware & Carry-Out Containers http://www.bambluware.com
Providing experiential field trips so participants to taste, touch, smell & see innovative, sustainable solutions. http://www.bayareagreentours.org
Founded in 2007 with a triple bottom-line focus of social justice, environmental resilience and financial sustainability http://www.beneficialstate.com
Integrated sustainability strategy http://www.bioregional.com/oneplanetliving
Working with business, government, youth and community leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. http://www.climateprotection.org
Our mission is to help Santa Rosa businesses grow and succeed. http://srcity.org/biz
CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL is a full service green real estate company. http://clearbluecommercial.com/
Community Resilience Challenge http://www.dailyacts.org/crc
Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration - Peace Building Through Art http://www.createpeaceproject.org
Global Student Embassy is a youth leadership and environmental education organization founded in Sonoma County. http://www.globalstudentembassy.org
SFGoodwill is a leader in diverting textiles and other materials from local landfills. http://sfgoodwill.org
Growing eight varieties of organic, specialty mushrooms for fine restaurants and kitchens across the country. http://mycopia.com
Market Driven Restoration http://www.guayaki.com
The best beer ever made. http://www.HenHouseBrewing.com
Crafting high-quality wines with distinct characteristics, sourced from premier coastal vineyards http://www.jacksonfamilywines.com
Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future http://ecoleader.org/
Writing, editing, and advising focused on sustainability: green living, green business, climate resilience http://www.MLandman.com
Creating a vibrant music community in the North Bay http://Www.northbayhootenanny.com
Our Roots Are In Fresh Produce http://www.oliversmarket.com/
Social media marketing for sustainable businesses. http://www.ontimesocial.com
MBA, MPA, Dual Degree and Certificate Programs in Sustainable Management http://www.presidio.edu
Accelerate Your Sustainability Impact http://www.revsustainability.com
Helping visionaries create viable businesses http://www.RobertaRyan.com
Restaurant and catering company http://www.sallytomatoes.com/
Working with youth to inspire and strengthen sustainability in education locally and around the world. http://www.schoolsofsustainability.com/
Music. Community. Experience. http://secondoctave.com
The Nexus is an innovation community at the seat of enterprise in the North Bay. Coworking, incubation, and more. http://soconexus.org
We provide energy efficient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual and community self-reliance http://www.solarworksca.com/
Solar energy experts for your transition to green energy! http://solarcraft.com/
The Bay Area’s Largest Solar Powered Event Center https://somovillage.com/
Internet + Phone https://www.sonic.com/
Sonoma County’s Official Electricity Provider http://sonomacleanpower.org/
Shift Happens! http://www.golocal.coop
Educate, collaborate and advocate for the responsible development of a regulated cannabis industry. http://www.scgalliance.com/
Coordinate countywide efforts to implement and advocate a broad range of programs and projects to reduce GHG emissions. http://www.rcpa.ca.gov/
Reduce the Amount of Landfilled Waste http://www.RecycleNow.org
To help alleviate local hunger. http://sonomafoodrunners.org
Sonoma-USA creates unique and useful upcycled products out of recovered materials diverted from local landfills. http://Sonoma-USA.com
We develop the human resources for a sustainable world. http://www.strozziinstitute.com
Someday, the whole world will run on sunshine. But first, your home will. http://www.sungevity.com/
SuperCool Pods are environmentally friendly through their use of recycled water and solar panels. http://www.supercoolco.com
We provide programs and materials to clarify the big picture with sustainability — issues and solutions http://swcoalition.org
A Network of Farmer-to-Farmer Communities http://www.farmersguild.org
Managing resources for people and the environment http://www.scwa.ca.gov/
Providing the highest quality, organic herbal teas for over 40 years http://www.TraditionalMedicinals.com
TrimTab Media produces online video campaigns for sustainable brands. http://www.trimtabmedia.tv
Certified Compostable Foodservice Products and Zero Waste Solutions http://www.worldcentric.org