2018 Sustainable Enterprise Conference Schedule


A nutritious breakfast featuring egg fritatta, granola, fresh fruit, tea and coffee.


  • Oren Wool | Master of Ceremonies
  • Prof. Robert Girling, Ph.D. | Founder Sustainable EnterpriseConference
  • Brad Baker | President & CEO, SOMO Living, Inc.

8:15 A Sustainable North Bay

  • Oren Wool | Executive Director, Sustainable North Bay
  • Chris Yalonis | President, VenturePad
  • Mark Westwind | Sustainable Contra Costa

9:00 Enterprises of Place - What Could Be Or Is Our Potential

Live - Understanding and living in our unique place by inhabiting the land in a relationship of partnering with nature. Work - Our work and our contributions to a community are place-based economies of integral relationships, and through re-investing into our place and communities. Play - Re-creating ourselves in relationship to our place, and to a changing world, realizing that our behavior and development is more essential than our technology.

  • Raymond Lucchesi RA, LEED AP | Principal, Regenesis
  • Caitlin Cornwall | Project Director, Sustainable Sonoma
  • Bert Whitaker | Director, Sonoma County Regional Parks

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM One Planet Cafe Table Talks

Conversations, collaborations and connections. Our One Planet Cafe incorporates features of World Cafe, Open Space and Un-conference events with opportunities to join the conversation and find new collaborators. You can lead a discussion on a topic you think is important by submitting to lead a One Planet Cafe table top conversation. New topics are welcome during the event.

10:30 Funding the Green Gap

Financing remains a key hurdle in the recovery with thousands of Sonoma County residents needing to rebuild their home or expand their business. Sonoma County has the opportunity to become a leader in environmentally-sustainable practices with an abundance of local and sustainable enterprise. In this session, the panel will highlight their work in addressing the financial challenges of recovery and opportunities for sustainable development.

  • Cate Steane | Owner, Make It Happen Project Services
  • Jeff Kelly | Founder, California Community Lender Inc.
  • Blaine N. Laney | Loan Consultant, Nor Cal FDC
  • Kevin Smart | Vice President, Residential Mortgage Manager, Exchange Bank


Featuring local foods by Sally Tomatoes

1:00 Agritourism Benefits for Farms & Ranches

Agritourism is part of the world’s largest industry, tourism. Hand in hand with nature, adventure, and heritage tourism, agritourism is repopulating the map of rural destinations and is bringing unprecedented numbers of tourists to California’s farms and ranches, eager to learn where their food comes from. In this panel, the speakers will discuss ways in which farms can harness tourism on their properties to create new, diversified sources of revenue and increase their own property’s visibility.

  • Prof. Robert Girling, Ph.D. | Professor of Sustainable Enterprise
  • Pamela Lanier | President, Friends of Sustainable Tourism International
  • Peter Ruddock | Founder, Agricultural Acts
  • Heather Dawn Gordy, M.Sc. | Founder, Healing Water Journeys

2:00 BREAK: Ice Cream & Cookies

Thanks to Straus Family Creamery.

2:30 Sustainability in the Trenches: Measuring Performance, Value, and Return on Investment

How do sustainability professionals turn a strategic initiative into measurable performance? This panel of experienced sustainability managers will relay stories of past implementations and future plans, how they operationalize directives, and how they develop measures of the success (or not) of company sustainability initiatives.

  • John Stayton | Executive Director of Graduate and Executive Programs, Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics
  • Aaron Stainthorp | Sustainability Specialist, Jackson Family Wines
  • Joseph Button | Director of Sustainability, Straus Family Creamery
  • Benjamin Couch | Sustainability Manager, Traditional Medicinals


  • Oren Wool | Executive Director, Sustainable North Bay
  • Christine Walker | Artist and Strategic Visual Facilitator, See Shape