SEC this fall in Marin and Contra Costa

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference (SEC) is the North Bay's premiere convening of professionals in the fastest growing segment in the economy--green business.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is expanding to Marin and Contra Costa counties with local groups in these communities convening their sustainability leaders to identify opportunity in a sustainable future.

October 26, 2017 - SEC Marin

Embassy Suites, San Rafael, CA - tickets

November 1, 2017 - SEC Contra Costa

Pleasant Hill Community Center, Pleasant Hill, CA - tickets


One Planet Principles

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is inspired by the work of Bioregional and their One Planet Living Principles - a framework for sustainability that makes it easy, attractive and affordable for people everywhere to lead whole sustainable lifestyles.

Businesses and organizations are realizing significant bottom-line benefits and economic rewards when they prioritize environmental and social sustainability. These rewards don’t just come from improving efficiency and reducing consumption, but from the rapidly increasing percentage of prospective customers and clients seeking companies that embrace sustainability.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference offers an invaluable opportunity for these communities to come together and share their stories and ideas with each other. Participants interact with luminary speakers and participate in practical workshops to learn how they can drive financial, environmental, and social prosperity in their organizations and communities. As the only annual forum in the North Bay providing such an opportunity, professionals and executives will not want to miss the Sustainable Enterprise Conference.