Application: Sustainable North Bay Youth Summit

The North Bay International Studies Project at Sonoma State University is partnering with Sustainable North Bay to host a Youth Summit that profiles teacher initiatives, and youth projects on sustainability. Students and teachers from North Bay middle and high schools are encouraged to participate. 

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The Youth Summit will be held April 2, 2016  from 10am-3pm at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, CA.

  • February 16st- Application Deadline. By February 16st, Teachers apply (application below) to bring a team of 6-10 students to the Sustainable North Bay Youth Summit held on April 2nd from 10am-3pm at Sonoma Mountain Village. 
  • April 2nd- Youth Summit. Teachers and a team of 6-10 students come together to share their projects, build momentum and determine the top two presentations to represent the k-12 community and inspire attendees at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference on April 7, 2016.
  • April 7th- Sustainable Enterprise Conference at Sonoma Mountain Village. Two teams will present to conference attendees, and all teams have the opportunity to share a poster of their projects. 
  • Teachers can receive a $300 stipend by bringing 6 or more students. 

Montgomery High Youth Participants

The Sustainable North Bay Youth Summit is for innovative grades 7-12 teacher-student teams and North Bay students who are inspired to create a better future. SSU students are encourage to participate. The Youth Summit provides an opportunity for students to actively share their own innovative solutions, and learn about new ways to create a green campus or educational environment. The youth summit will offer information about sustainable organizations in the North Bay and featured representatives will be on site to answer questions about their inspirations and work. You’ll share what activities you're currently doing and network with others interested in green communities.

Brought to you by Sonoma State University, the California International Studies Project, and the producers of the Sustainable Enterprise Conference, the Sustainable North Bay Youth Summit on Saturday, April 2 will help you to discover what area of sustainability fits best to your interests and how to put your ideas into action. Hear from young entrepreneurs in sustainable enterprise, renowned professors of sustainability and business and industry leaders.

9:30 AM - Check-in

10:05 AM - Welcome Speech - Dr. Robert Girling, Professor at Sonoma State University and Co-Founder of The Sustainable Enterprise Conference.

10:10 AM - Icebreaker

10:45 AM - Student Team Presentations

Hear from other students about sustainability projects they are working on in their school community.

11:45 AM - Organization Introduction

Learn about local businesses and organizations that are making a positive impact in our communities, and opportunities to get further involved!

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Lunch (provided) - Relax or seek out further information and connections with local Organizations

1:00 PM - Keynote Speaker: Pooran Desai, Co-Founder of Bioregional and International Director of One Planet Communities

1:30 PM - One Planet Living School Assessment

2:00 PM - Activity: Taking Projects to the Next Level

2:30 PM - Closing

You’ll hear Dr. Robert Girling from Sonoma State University who is organizer of the Sustainable Enterprise Conference and author of the book “The good Company”. The book tells stories of over 20 inspiring companies that do what is right by their employees, their communities and the planet.

Also presenting:

Oren Wool - Executive Director, Sustainable North Bay
Marika Ramsden - Schools of Sustainability

Contact Michelle Mazzeo for questions and additional details.

 Register online

If you are interested for you and your students to participate in the Youth Summit, please fill out the following form.  

For participating organizations

  • We are inviting youth-focused environmental organizations to provide a short introduction about their work, and youth-specific programs available for participating youth summit attendees.

  • We welcome organizations to be present for the Youth Summit the entire day. Be prepared to participate and take part of the experience!  

  • Organization Introductions: As of now, we have organization introductions scheduled from 11:45am-12:00pm (see agenda below). We ask that you to prepare a 2 minute speech.

  • Lunch: During lunchtime, we encourage you to interact with students. We will provide you with a table during the scheduled lunchtime (12:00pm-1:00pm). Please use this space to provide pamphlets, flyers, and information for the students. We highly encourage you to bring in a demonstration/visual aid that relates your organization to the One Planet Living principles. Consider the following: How does your organization relate to the 10 principles, or perhaps, what principle(s) does your organization align with?

    Please email Victoria Hernandez (Youth Summit intern) with this information at!

For teacher-student teams

If you have not registered, please do so here.


We are crafting the experience to ensure that all participants leave empowered and inspired, with greater awareness of their skills and abilities to create positive change in their communities and world.

Throughout the course of the day, everyone will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the 10 Principles for One Planet Living

  • Connect with local organizations offering youth focused programs that build the skills and knowledge needed for One Planet Living.

  • Identify ways to leverage project ideas to promote One Planet Living in schools and communities

  • Observe sustainable design in action! The Youth Summit serves as an example of how to design and deliver an experience in alignment with One Planet Living


Teacher-student teams are doing many different projects related to sustainability, but their projects become more powerful when connected to the bigger picture. The One Planet Living framework provides a unifying vision to help students see how their individual projects are contributing towards each other’s efforts to build a more resilient future for all. Students will leave the conference empowered, and with the tools, to take their projects to a new level.

4 Minute Presentations

1. Presentations take place in front of the entire Youth Summit audience (approximately 70 people) in a large open, indoor space. Presenters will stand on a platform next to a large screen tv where they can project a powerpoint. Though all members will have opportunities to practice communication and leadership skills throughout the course of the day, we encourage teams to find ways for multiple team members to take part in the presenting.

2. Powerpoints are not required- we are more interested in students speaking passionately and enthusiastically about their projects. Props, samples, artifacts are encouraged!

3. All presentations must relate projects back to the One Planet Living Principles

4. If using a powerpoint, please stick to the TED Talk Style of 7 words per slide (more picture/short video based)  

A sample format might include (not necessary to include all of these, of course!)

a) Introduction - how did this idea start?

b) Implementation- what has been done to date? What challenges did you meet, if any, and how did you overcome them?

c) Results- what have you discovered?

d) Looking forward- what will you do differently moving forward/next steps?

e) How does your project relate to the One Planet Living Principles and/or what are the global implications of your project?

f) Can your idea be scaled, shared, learned from, adapted in other contexts/by other schools?

g) What do you want members of the local, state, national, international community to know about your project/idea?

The Youth Summit Organizing team will answer further questions, give you feedback and/or meet your team wherever you are in putting together the presentation during the 30 minute March check-in.

Please sign up for your check-in at this doodle poll.  

Please include the outcomes you have seen or anticipate seeing.